Cheryl Scott Isn’t Married Yet But Is Dating Her Firefighter Boyfriend

"Getting engaged and married is one of THE biggest milestones of one’s life and beyond special," wrote Scott on her Instagram!

By Chakku HaruPublished on: May 1, 2024 Updated on: May 2, 2024
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Cheryl Scott, 39, serves as a meteorologist for ABC7 Eyewitness News. After a series of relationships and a called-off engagement with a former fiancé, the popular on-air personality has found love again. Currently, Cheryl is dating Tyler Cole, a man whose profession—firefighting—carries both risk and rarity.

Take a look at their relationship timeline!

Scott and Cole Made Their Relationship Public in May 2023

Scott, a veteran meteorologist and geologist, took to Instagram to announce her new relationship with boyfriend Cole on May 30, 2023. She shared a series of beachside photos with her new partner, captioning them with, “My #1 🖤💫.”

Cheryl and Tyler.
Scott and her new boyfriend Cole. (Image: Instagram)

Following the post, numerous fans quickly responded to their photos. One fan expressed, “Happy for you ❤️ hope you’re happy.” Another added, “Cute couple you look so happy🥰.”

They Celebrated 2024 Valentine’s Day Together

Since going public with their relationship, Cheryl and Tyler have been deeply enamored with each other, celebrating every significant occasion together, from birthdays to anniversaries.

On Tyler’s birthday in November 2023, Cheryl expressed her affection with an adorable message on social media, writing, “You light up the world around you! Happy birthday my sunshine ☀️ We love you so much!”

The two on Tyler's birthday.
(Image: Instagram)

Continuing their tradition of commemorating life’s milestones, the couple also celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2024 together. On this occasion, the weather forecaster shared several photos of their special day with the caption, “Can’t imagine life any other way! My Valentine every day!”


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The Couple Has Two Puppies

Apart from their relationship goals, they share a deep love for animals. Scott and her partner Cole have two puppies named Littie, who has 825 followers on Instagram, and Lola, who has over 5k followers on Instagram.

Cheryl with her beau and dogs.
The couple and their two dogs. (Image: Instagram)

Tyler Is a Firefighter With The Dalton Hot Shots

Scott’s boyfriend, Tyler, holds a high-risk position as a U.S. Forest Service firefighter with the Dalton Hot Shots, based near Glendora. His job frequently requires him to be away from home for extended periods, especially during the fire season.

In an interview with Spectrum News in September 2020, during The Bobcat fire in the Angeles National Forest, Cole shared insights into the demanding nature of his work. He explained, “This is our 11th fire we’ve been on, working incidents for 106 days as of today with 12 days off since mid-June.”

Scott Was Engaged to Be Married to Dante Deiana in 2018

She was previously in a committed relationship with Dante Deiana, a DJ and music programmer. The two met at a charity event in Chicago, IL, in 2016. Their connection was immediate, and they soon embarked on numerous adventures together.

Scott and her former fiance Dante Deiana.
Cheryl and Dante. (Image: Instagram)

In June of that same year, they also enjoyed a memorable ride on a Ferris wheel, during which Dante, despite his fear of heights, managed to hide his discomfort.

Their relationship continued to flourish, leading to a magical moment during the second week of July 2018, when Dante proposed on top of Hawaii’s Haleakala Volcano. A few days later, Cheryl announced their engagement by sharing photos on Instagram of her then-fiance Dante kneeling with a ring. She captioned the moment:

Dante Deiana, This proposal is beyond words and so magical. You have taken my heart to a new level… sky high! I am so excited to share the rest of life and every adventure with you! Thank you for making me feel so incredibly special and kudos to pulling off this epic, surprise proposal on top of Haleakala Volcano!

Dante popping the question to his girlfriend Cheryl.
(Image: Instagram)

She Champions Efforts to End Child Marriage

A year after her engagement with Dante, Scott, expressed her joy in her Instagram, “Getting engaged and married is one of the biggest milestones of one’s life and beyond special! I got to say ‘YES’ to @primadante in an epic proposal on @haleakalanps in 2018. I’m grateful that we can celebrate this moment… but not everyone has this right!”

However, in the post, her celebration goes beyond her personal joy. She is dedicated to empowering young women globally. She is vocal about the issue of forced early marriages, urging, “Let’s work together to create a world in which every girl can decide when, if, and whom to marry.”

In her advocacy efforts, Cheryl supports Vow for Girls, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending child marriage.


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Dante and Scott, despite their whirlwind romance, called off their engagement in 2022.

She Had Two More Boyfriends in The Past

In early 2015, rumors emerged about Scott’s potential romantic and physical involvement with former Canadian ice hockey player Patrick Sharp. But, she promptly addressed these rumors on Instagram, firmly stating, “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed.”

Sharp also spoke about the rumors, labeling them as “laughable” and “comical,” and mentioned that they had taken “a toll” on his personal life.

Additionally, Cheryl was said to be linked to Josh Lachelli, owner of Home Slice Pizza, with whom the TV personality briefly dated between late 2015 and 2016.

So far, Scott doesn’t have any children but is very close to her nieces and nephews.


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