David Corenswet’s Wife Julia Best Warner Is Also His Professional Companion

David Corenswet had a blended Jewish and Catholic wedding. Learn about his wife in detail below.

By AlishPublished on: June 17, 2024 Updated on: June 17, 2024
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Sorry to break it to you, folks, but Hollywood’s heartthrob David Corenswet, soon to don the cape as Superman in James Gunn’s upcoming film, Superman: Legacy, is officially off the market. On a day filled with love and a historic blend of traditions, David and his wife Julia Best Warner, tied the knot on March 4, 2023.

When they started dating, Mr. and Mrs. Corenswet likely discovered they had much in common, but it was their shared career in the entertainment industry that truly defined their connection.

Julia, now Mrs. Corenswet, made her acting debut as Deitra in Time Is On Her Side back in 2011. With over 20 acting credits, she’s known for her roles in Ratched, Back for Good, Dot, and The Baby Sitters Pub. Her standout performance in Dot earned her the Breakout Performance award at the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival.

David Corenswet, a Jew, and his wife, Julia Best Warner, a Catholic, combined their faith during their marriage
David and Julia at their wedding.

Additionally, Julia showcased her vocal talents on a song titled F•R•A•G•I•L•E by Guy John, further displaying her versatile skills in the arts. Reflecting on her early passion for performing, Julia shared,

“As soon as I could talk, I was singing, and that turned into putting on little plays and performing for anyone who would watch. No one ever prompted me to act or sing, and I didn’t really have an inspiration to start, I just did. I think performing was probably my first love.”

Her talents extend beyond acting. She directed three episodes of The Baby Sitters Pub and the short film Fairytale Remix. Her creative reach also includes producing and writing; she penned the short film Tick Tock and is producing the upcoming projects Woman in the Sky and “Real Live Girl.

Julia Best Warner is a multidimensional talent
Julia is a multidimensional talent.

Julia’s journey in the entertainment industry is supported by a solid educational foundation, having earned her BFA in Theater Arts Acting from Point Park University in 2013, which has helped cement her place in the industry as a multifaceted talent.

David And Julia’s Wedding Blended Jewish and Catholic Traditions

Their wedding unfolded under the ornate ceilings of the Immaculate Conception church—a venerable Jesuit sanctuary first opened in the 1850s. Here, the couple vowed eternal love in a landmark ceremony that beautifully blended Jewish and Catholic traditions.

It was a day of historic significance as Rabbi Emeritus Edward Cohn and a Catholic priest joined forces, orchestrating a ceremony that interwove the rituals of both faiths in a way the church hadn’t seen in decades, if ever.

David Corenswet and Julia Best Warner drinking at their wedding.
David and Julia drinking at their wedding.

The setting featured a chuppah, symbolizing the new home and life the couple will build together, right alongside timeless Catholic traditions. The highlight was the breaking of the glass, followed by a joyous shout of “Mazel Tov!” which resonated with the echoes of church bells, sealing their union amidst a backdrop of combined heritage.

Julie Vanderbrook, the church’s wedding coordinator, reflected on the ceremony, “The bride and groom were just so determined to intersperse the Jewish traditions with the Catholic traditions, which to me just enhanced the beauty and the strength of both faiths.”

While David has generally kept his personal and spiritual life private, the excitement among Julia’s friends spilled over onto social media. They shared photos and heartfelt congratulations, celebrating the couple’s joyous weekend. Despite these online glimpses, the duo have maintained a low profile, with no official announcements about their union.


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Now settled in Philadelphia, they are looking to deepen their communal ties, seeking out congregations that align with their blended faith backgrounds.

All the while, they manage to balance their rich personal lives with demanding professional schedules, regularly traveling to Los Angeles and other filming locations.

The Couple Is Working Together In a Project

David and Julia Corenswet aren’t just life partners; they’re also creative collaborators, seamlessly blending their talents in projects that showcase their artistic synergy.

One such collaboration is the short film Woman in the Sky, which immerses into the lives of Magda Salvesent and American painter Jon Schueler. Set in Scotland in 1970, the film reveals how, just months after meeting, Schueler decided to leave his entire artistic legacy to Salvesent. This narrative elegantly explores the intersections of art, love, responsibility, legacy, and the relentless progression of time.

David contributes as both cinematographer and executive producer, while Julia serves as producer, orchestrating the project’s overarching vision.

Their professional collaboration extends to the upcoming TV series Real Live Girl, where David showcases his versatility by stepping into the roles of both director and cinematographer. Meanwhile, Julia not only portrays the character Claire but also contributes as a producer.

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