Has Joe Budden’s Quest For Wife Ended Again With Shadée Monique?

Joe has been in a few long-term relationship and even proposed two of his girlfriends but things didn't work out. Lately, there are rumors of his break up with Shadée. The true story below.

By BhuraPublished on: May 2, 2024 Updated on: May 3, 2024
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Joe Budden’s journey has been both public and poignant. Known for his forthright personality and deep introspection as a former rapper turned podcast host, Budden has not shied away from sharing his relationship trials with the world. From his early relationship with Angie, with whom he shares his oldest son, to his public proposal to Cyn Santana during a live podcast & Tahiry at Times Square, his intentions to settle down have been clear.

However, each of these relationships has ultimately unraveled against him, leaving fans and followers to ponder whether his recent relationship with Shadée Monique follows the same pattern. As whispers of another breakup surface, one must ask: has Joe’s quest for a lasting marriage ended once again, or is there more to the story than meets the eye?

Rapper Wack’s Claims of Joe And Shadee’s Break Up May Not Be True: They Are Still Together

In April 2024, during a podcast with No Jumper, rapper Wack stirred up quite a discussion by claiming that Joe had ended his relationship with Shadée Monique. He suggested that the breakup was due to Joe discovering Shadée’s past relationships with well-known figures, including the artist Drake. This claim quickly sparked a wave of conversation across various platforms, including the rap community and social media sites like Reddit.

However, a look at Joe and Shadée’s recent social media activity tells a different story. Despite the rumors, both of their accounts still feature numerous photos of each other, suggesting that they remain very much together. One particularly telling post is from Shadée, who shared a heartwarming picture on January 5, 2024, where the couple is seen adorably making out.

Adding to the narrative of their ongoing relationship, Joe posted a heartfelt message on July 18, 2023, celebrating their fourth anniversary. His caption overflowed with affection and a detailed list of shared moments and inside jokes that paint a picture of a deep and loving relationship. He wrote, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! 4 years of love, vibes, fun, firsts… I love you babe, thank you and Happy Anniversary!!!”

There are several other posts on their social media that not only claim that they are still together but also showcase the strength and depth of their relationship. While the future of their relationship, including any potential plans for marriage, remains publicly unconfirmed, the evidence strongly counters Wack’s claims of a breakup. For fans and followers, it seems clear that the couple are still very much an item.

Joe Budden & His Girlfriend Shadee Are Still Together
Joe And Shadee’s Recent Post Prove They Are Together

Budden’s Relationship Timeline

Late 1990s – Early 2000s: Relationship with Angie

  • 2001: Joe and Angie welcome their son, Joseph Budden III (often referred to as Trey), on May 11. The couple had reportedly began dating in late 1990s.

2005 – Relationship Begins with Tahiry Jose

  • Joe starts dating Tahiry Jose, former star of Love & Hip Hop: New York.
  • Their relationship experiences several turbulent periods and two breakups.
  • Significant Event: Joe proposes to Tahiry in Times Square, New York, but she declines.
  • Allegations: Tahiry alleges that Joe assaulted her during their relationship, resulting in a broken rib and nose. They broke up eventually. She talked about the proposal in a few of her podcasts. About the rejection, she said, “Yes, he did. And when he proposed, I said no. I don’t handle rejection well, but I had to do what was right for me. I didn’t reject him out of revenge; I just needed to follow my heart”

Watch the Video Here:

2012 – Relationship with Kaylin Garcia

  • Budden begins dating Kaylin Garcia, a model and Love & Hip Hop: New York personality.
  • The relationship is strained due to Joe’s lingering feelings for Tahiry.
  • Couples Therapy: Joe and Kaylin appear on Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn but fail to resolve their issues.

Video: Kaylin Talks About Joe’s Ties With Tahiry During A Therapy

2016 – Relationship with Cyn Santana

  • Joe Budden enters into a relationship with actress Cyn Santana.
  • 2017: The couple welcomes a son, Lexington, on December 15.
  • Late 2018: Joe proposes to Cyn Santana.
  • 2019: Cyn calls off the engagement after four months.
  • Allegations: In a leaked phone conversation in September 2020, Cyn accuses Joe of poor parenting and physical abuse.
    • She claims Joe should not have custody of their son, alleging inappropriate behavior, verbal abuse towards Lexington’s babysitter, substance abuse, and more.
  • Joe denies all accusations against him.

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