CL’s “No Dating” Clause Restricted Her From Having Boyfriend In The Past

CL has admitted dating men on public platforms. Do you know who? Find out below.

By BhuraPublished on: April 30, 2024 Updated on: April 30, 2024
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South Korean rapper and singer CL, born Lee Chae-rin, who skyrocketed to fame as the leader of the popular girl group 2NE1 opened up about the strict dating rules imposed by her record label, YG Family. In an interview back in 2013, she revealed that the members of 2NE1 were not allowed to date for five years following the release of their debut album.

According to her, the ban was a part of a contract stipulation that aimed to keep the artists focused on their careers. She also expressed a sense of relief as the period was nearing its end for her which implied she would be free to date by the end of 2014.

“Yeah! We have this rule he made for us that we can’t date guys for five years, that started when our first album came out.” “I’m very close! I have a year left…”

Interestingly, the rule was adjusted for her bandmates Park Bom and Sandara Park, who are both 28 years old. YG Family decided to cut back the dating ban by two years for them, allowing them to start exploring relationships sooner due to their age. CL mentioned,

“Actually YG cut back two years for the older two girls, Bom and Dara, because they’re older and they have to start dating guys. I think they’re free now this year.”

The ban is a controversial practice that is somewhat common in the K-pop industry. It is believed to help artists maintain a certain image and dedicate themselves entirely to their burgeoning careers. However, CL also pointed out the cultural differences in perceptions of pop stars dating, hinting at a more accepting attitude outside of South Korea.

Well, since CL was out of any clause that restricted her from dating already in 2014, has she had boyfriends over the years? Let’s talk in detail.

Her Alleged Boyfriend Ash Stymest Had Her Name Tattoed On His Wrist

In 2014, rumors swirled around CL suggesting she was in a relationship with Ash Stymest, an English model, actor, and musician. The speculation ignited when Ash starred as CL’s love interest in her music video for “Gotta Be You.” What added fuel to the fire was a very personal detail: Ash reportedly had CL’s real name, Lee Chae Rin, inked on his wrist in Hangul, the Korean alphabet.


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This tattoo became a significant piece of evidence for fans and followers, who eagerly shared photos of it on social media and various online communities in Korea. Despite the buzz, both CL and Ash never publicly confirmed their relationship, leaving fans to piece together clues and speculate on their own.

According to sources, the relationship between the K-pop star and the English model lasted until late 2015. Shortly after, Ash was reported to have moved on and started dating Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp, a relationship that lasted from 2016 to 2018. The mystery around CL and Ash’s relationship continues to intrigue fans, especially considering the permanent nature of Ash’s tattoo, a gesture that suggests their connection was meaningful during their time together.

CL and WINNER’s Song Mino: Were They A Thing?

In October 2015, rumors surfaced suggesting that CL, the former leader of the girl group 2NE1, was dating Song Mino, a member of the boy band WINNER. Both artists are signed under YG Entertainment, and the speculation about their relationship began after a report by Kookmin Ilbo claimed they were YG’s “first couple.”

The report pointed to several pieces of “evidence” that fueled the rumors. It mentioned photos of CL and Song Mino in a building that resembled a hotel and highlighted that they were spotted wearing similar accessories, which netizens speculated to be “couple items.” Specifically, the media outlet referred to an Instagram post by CL, where she shared pictures of herself by a pool wearing a bikini, and another photo where she was in the same hat and sunglasses, but this time in a hotel hallway.

CL & Song Mino Together
CL Was Allegedly Dating Song Mino

The rumors gained traction on online community sites like TheQoo, where netizens expressed skepticism and disbelief at the validity of the evidence presented. Comments ranged from calling the rumors “absurd” to outright dismissing them as fabricated.

YG Entertainment responded quickly to the rumors, with representatives stating that the reports were based on “unconfirmed rumors” and that the supposed evidence was entirely fabricated. The company emphasized the lack of credibility in the claims and firmly denied any romantic relationship between CL and Song Mino.

Her Song “Lover Like Me” Is A Message To Her Ex

During her recent guest appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer-songwriter CL captivated the audience with a performance of her hit song “Lover Like Me.” Post-performance, she opened up about the inspiration behind the lyrics, revealing that the song serves as a powerful message to a former lover, whose identity she chose not to disclose.

The conversation deepened when Kelly Clarkson asked about the meaning behind the song. The artist, with a laugh, shared that “Lover Like Me” is her way of speaking directly to her ex, telling him he will never find another lover quite like her. This declaration points to a past relationship, yet the artist skillfully kept the details of her ex’s identity private, focusing instead on the song’s message.

Video: CL Talks About Her Song Being Dedicated To Her Ex

The studio audience responded with cheers as Clarkson applauded the song for its empowering message. The artist’s revelation about the song’s background added a layer of personal significance to the catchy tune.

Her Relationship With DPR Ian Was Allegedly Platonic

Rumors about a potential romance between DPR Ian and CL started swirling after their charismatic stage performances and collaborations. Fans noticed their undeniable chemistry, especially during a live performance of “No Blueberries,” which was captured in a popular TikTok video. In this clip, the pair appeared flirtatious, sparking fans to speculate about their relationship status online.

CL And DPR Were Rumored Dating But They Never Confirmed
DPR And CL’s Chemistry Together Forced Many To Believe They Were Dating

Many supporters took to social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit, enthusiastically discussing the possibility of a romantic connection. Comments ranged from hopeful wishes for them to be a couple to playful remarks about their on-stage interactions resembling famous romantic pairs, like Morticia and Gomez from “The Addams Family.”

Despite the strong fan reactions and their apparent chemistry, neither of the alleged couple has confirmed or addressed the dating rumors. As of now, the idea of them being in a relationship remains speculative, fueled by fan enthusiasm and their compelling performances together.

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