Who Is Cameron Britton’s Wife Danielle? Married Life and Children

By AlishPublished on: June 11, 2024 Updated on: June 11, 2024
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If you’ve ever searched for the story of Cameron Britton’s better half, you might have encountered some inaccuracies, with some sources mistakenly naming Caitlin Ferrante. Well, it’s time to clear things up directly from the source.

Cameron recently shared a laugh with his followers by posting a screenshot of the article that wrongfully claimed Caitlin Ferrante as his wife, captioned, ‘Apparently, I have a lot of explaining to do.‘ His fans joined in the fun, with one commenting, ‘I always knew you were living a double life.’

Let’s clear the air: Cameron is not married to Caitlin, but to his longtime love, Danielle Britton. Their romance began unexpectedly at a preschool where Cameron was a teacher and Danielle was his aide. Their romance ignited after Danielle arranged what appeared to be a group dinner party, which turned out to be a romantic dinner just for the two of them.

Cameron and Danielle’s first romantic encounter in 2009 was short-lived, followed by a year apart during which Cameron entered another relationship that ultimately ended. Reflecting on this period, Cameron mentioned,

I honestly found another girl who was an actress – my wife is not an actress – I found someone who was very loud and exciting: and that’s the type I was used to dating. That girl didn’t work out probably after a year-and-a-half.

After this break, fate brought Cameron and Danielle back together. They reconnected through Facebook, initially keeping their interactions casual. Over time, as they grew closer, their relationship naturally deepened into a committed partnership.

By 2010, their interactions had transformed from casual dates to a serious relationship, surviving even a temporary relocation by Cameron to Nashville. When he returned in 2013, there was no doubt left; he moved in with Danielle. Since then, they have built a life together, perfectly in sync, further blessed by the birth of their son, Ben.

The Pair Is Blessed With A Son

Details about their exact marriage date may be a bit unclear, but Cameron’s personal Facebook page tells a vivid tale of their life and love together.

On November 28, 2016, Cameron posted a picture on Facebook that hinted at a significant milestone: in the image, Danielle is in the background, her hand prominently featuring a ring, which suggests they may have gotten engaged around that time.

While Cameron’s Facebook page is primarily dedicated to his career, his personal Facebook account under the name Cameron Hastings is filled with playful remarks and cherished family photos, offering a vivid glimpse into his domestic bliss.

Cameron Britton and his wife Danielle Britton have been together for over a decade
The adorable Britton family.

This was particularly evident when they welcomed their son, Ben, into the world on May 6, 2019. Cameron’s next-day Facebook announcement was both humorous and heartfelt:

This is Ben! The one in the middle! We met him Monday morning, and he’s gonna move in with me and Dani, rent free. He’s that awesome. And we love you all.

It’s clear: the joy of family life and the bliss of parenthood are at the heart of Cameron’s world.

Danielle Helps Her Husband Maintain Balance Between Reality and His On-Screen Roles

Having a spouse who frequently portrays villains on-screen can certainly make for an intriguing home life. Cameron, renowned for his role as the infamous “co-ed killer” in the popular Netflix series Mindhunter, sometimes experiences a blur between his character and his real self.

In a candid chat with RadioTimes.com, Cameron discussed the difficulty of leaving his darker roles behind, even to the extent of having to verbally dismiss his character at the dinner table: “Get out of there! Go away, I’m having dinner with my wife, and she doesn’t want you here either!

Cameron Britton's wife Danielle Britton supports him through thick and thin
Danielle supports her husband through thick and thin.

Danielle skillfully handles these challenges with humor and empathy. She often playfully checks on his state of mind by asking, “Is Ed here today?” whenever traces of his character’s traits surface. Her lighthearted support extends into the actor’s profession as well; she was the one who recorded his audition tapes for Mindhunter using her iPhone, actively participating in his career.

Cameron’s Wife Is A Scholar

Danielle’s academic journey began at Santa Monica College, studying Arts and Early Childhood Education, before diving into Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. From there, she earned both her Master’s and Doctorate in Spiritual Science from the Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy.

Her career spans a range of roles from being a registrar at the Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy to working as a wilderness guide and chef at Rock Creek Pack Station.

Although her LinkedIn profile still identifies her as a registrar, she and her family moved to Sebastopol, CA—Cameron’s hometown—in 2021 to be closer to his family.

Danielle Britton and her son Ben
Danielle with Ben.

Currently, Danielle seems to be dedicated to her family, having shifted from her professional life to nurturing her loved ones at home.

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