David Pakman and His Future Wife, Hannah Are Parents To A Daughter

By PrithviPublished on: June 9, 2024 Updated on: June 9, 2024
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For over 13 years, a dynamic couple has captured the hearts of their audience, sharing both their professional and personal journeys with a playful charm. Recently, they celebrated the joyous arrival of their daughter. The couple we are talking here is none other than David Pakman, the charismatic host of The David Pakman Show, and his longtime partner, Hannah Laurel.

Their enduring love story has fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter i.e., their marriage. So, will they finally take their relationship to the next step? Let’s find out.

They Have Been Together For Over A Decade

David and Hannah’s relationship began on March 25, 2011, and continues to flourish over a decade later. They frequently share moments from their life on social media where we can see their unwavering bond and love. On their ninth anniversary, March 25, 2020, Hannah took to social media to post a touching tribute, expressing her deep appreciation and love for the life they’ve built together.

Her caption read, “I feel like this photo perfectly encapsulates how I feel on our anniversary this year. This one is a little messy, it’s just us together, the environment is somewhat dark and ominous, but we are still smiling.” Hannah further wrote,

I feel so fortunate that after 9 years, not only can I tolerate being stuck in a house for weeks at a time with this one, but I actually genuinely enjoy having this time together. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. 💞

Hannah shared the photo marking their ninth dating anniversary in 2020
Hannah shared the photo marking their ninth dating anniversary in 2020

Despite their long-standing relationship, David and Hannah have not married. They haven’t made any official announcements regarding marriage plans, but the lasting strength and depth of their bond suggest that a wedding could well be in their future.

Engagement Confusion: Unveiling the Truth

Since November 2015, Hannah has been seen with a ring, which has sparked rumors of her engagement to the celebrated talk show host. Despite the speculation, clarity on their relationship status was not forthcoming for several years. David frequently referred to Hannah as his girlfriend in public appearances.

In a February 2021 interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine, David was asked about his love for travel and whether he shared this passion with someone special. He responded by saying:

Yes. I’ve been with my same girlfriend for nine years, and we both enjoy travel and are both looking forward to getting back to it and also looking forward to getting back to Argentina to visit family, which has been too long at this point.

David’s statement effectively quashed the engagement rumors for a time. However, the rumors were reignited on June 8, 2022, when he announced his paternity leave and referred to Hannah as his fiancée, marking the first public confirmation of their engagement. This change in how he described their relationship clearly indicated a significant development.

David and Hannah have also stepped into the roles of parents, welcoming their daughter, Nava, on June 6, 2022. The couple regularly shares moments from her life, highlighting her growth and the joy she brings.

David Pakman and Hannah Laurel are engaged couples.
Hannah with her newborn daughter, Nava

Unexpected Postpartum Complications and Emergency Surgery

Just two weeks after Hannah’s C-section delivery, on June 19, 2022, a severe health crisis unfolded. Initially dismissing the sudden, sharp pain in her upper abdomen as a transient discomfort, the situation quickly escalated.

Despite checking her blood pressure to rule out preeclampsia and contacting her OB for advice, her condition worsened, leading to respiratory distress and unbearable pain. Fearing for her life, David urgently called for an ambulance.

David Pakman's future wife Laurel went through an emergency surgery just days after the C-section delivery
David Pakman’s future wife Laurel went through an emergency surgery just days after the C-section delivery

Hannah was rushed to the hospital at three in the morning where she faced a deeply troubling experience in the emergency department. The doctors identified a duodenal perforation—a hole in her small intestine resulting from constant Advil use during her postpartum recovery.

To mend this critical injury, she required emergency surgery which included a significant five-inch incision. Post-surgery, Hannah faced a grueling recovery, tethered to a nasogastric tube and reliant on IV fluids, unable to eat or drink. The physical and emotional toll was immense, amplified by her separation from her newborn. Despite the pain and trauma, Hannah focused on recovery, channeling her strength and determination to return home to her family.

Hannah Used To Be A Blogger

Hannah Laurel was once a prolific blogger, captivating her audience with posts about food, travel, wine, and cooking. On Steemit, she gained over 400 followers and wrote 113 posts. However, she hasn’t updated her blog in the past six years.

Recently, Hannah has redirected her attention towards her family. She often posts pictures of her daughter and fiancé on social media, enjoying her time with her loved ones.

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