Believed to Be Single, Lee Asher Is Actually Engaged To Be Married

Lee Asher is not married but engaged. Shares a beautiful relationship with her fiancée.

By AlishPublished on: June 7, 2024 Updated on: June 9, 2024
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Contrary to popular belief that Lee Asher is single, he is actually engaged to his long-term partner, Sara Jane. Sara was first seen wearing an engagement ring in a photograph she shared on January 1, 2021. While Lee tends to keep their relationship private, Sara often provides a peek into their shared life through her Instagram.

The revelation has brought joy to his fans and quashed previous misconceptions about his romantic life, which had even led to some baseless speculations about his sexuality.

Besides, Picasso, Newt & The Wonky Dogs have also given a nod to their apparent engagement by referring to Sara as ‘Lee’s fiancée, however, the precise date of their engagement remains a mystery. Additionally, there is speculation in social media comments suggesting the couple may already be married, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Sara Jane and Lee Asher are engaged
Lee and his fiancée Sara Jane 

Sara Knows How To Make Her Future Husband Happy

Living closely with someone often means understanding their deepest joys and desires, a truth that Sara seems to embody perfectly. In a YouTube video titled The Craziest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done for Me, Lee shared an unforgettable Valentine’s Day surprise that highlights this understanding.

In the video, an unidentified woman burst into the room, greeted him with a Valentine’s Day wish, and introduced him to a newly rescued Newfoundland dog, whom he named Goose.

Lee’s reaction was one of pure joy, as he had always longed for this specific breed. He described the woman as “someone very close to me,” sparking curiosity among his fans. The video generated considerable speculation, though many fans chose to respect his privacy.

The mystery deepened the bond between Lee and his audience. Still, the revelation of his engagement to Sara has led many to connect the dots, surmising that Sara was the thoughtful giver behind Goose. Fans who had glimpsed her supportive nature in previous posts now saw her as the perfect match for Lee.

Sara, who maintains a somewhat lower profile, co-manages Snake Eyes Collection, a digital agency focusing on photography, social media content, and consultation.

Lee Is Close to His Ex-Girlfriend

Before the engagement news with Sara came to light, Lee’s love life included some notable chapters. One of the most significant was his relationship with Sydney Ferbrache, which unfolded before 2020.

By the time the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the former couple had already gone their separate ways. They discussed their relationship and breakup candidly in an episode of Sydney’s podcast, My Solo Road, titled Why We Broke Up & How Is Quarantine Together.

The ex-lovers met through a mutual friend and bonded quickly over shared interests. Soon, they began traveling together.

Lee Asher and Sydney after fostering an old dog
Lee Asher and his ex-girlfriend Sydney continue to remain friends

However, their relationship faced challenges due to their differing goals. Lee was focused on inspiring dog adoption, while Sydney aimed to encourage people to pursue their passions and prioritize mental health. Lee admitted he didn’t fully understand her mission at the time, and they both realized they needed their own space.

Despite the breakup, Lee and Sydney remain friends. Sydney continued her pet rescue work, living in her van with her golden retriever. She later married Henry Friedman, and they are expecting their first child.

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