Josiah Cross Was Destined To Become An Actor: His Career & Family Life

By PrithviPublished on: June 16, 2024 Updated on: June 25, 2024
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Josiah Cross is no stranger to the spotlight, with standout roles in A Thousand and One and Masters of the Air. Now, he’s gearing up to captivate audiences again in Apple TV’s anticipated mini-series Lady in the Lake, where he will share the screen with stars like Natalie Portman, David Corenswet, and Dylan Arnold.

A graduate of The American International University in London, Cross studied under the esteemed Helen Strange, mastering the nuances of technical theatre arts and performance. Off the screen, he embraces a vigorous lifestyle, channeling his energy into games like rugby.

Stay tuned as we explore more about Josiah’s off-camera pursuits and a peek into his personal and possibly romantic escapades.

He And His Mother Faced Several Hardships Because Of Their Color

Josiah was born on March 28, 1997, to Keila-Kadijah Cross, CEO at Better Way Bread, who single-handedly raised him and his brother. The bond between the actor and his mom is notably strong, a relationship often celebrated on Keila’s social media, where she frequently expresses her pride in her son’s achievements.

Josiah Cross with his mother
Cross and his mother Keila.

Yet, the road to their current harmony had its challenges. In a candid interview, the 27-year-old revealed his connection to the film A Thousand and One. He explained that the script echoed many aspects of his life with his mother,

“It resembled so much of my life with my own mother, in trying to figure out our place in the world; figure out our place as a son, as a mother, as a friend, and specifically being Black in America.”

Cross Transitioned From Journalism To Pursuing Acting

His path to acting was an unexpected detour from his original career plans. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Josiah initially saw himself pursuing sports journalism, a choice inspired by his athletic background.

That trajectory shifted when a professor at Cleveland State University noticed his flair for dramatic storytelling in his writing assignments. Encouraged to explore this talent further, Josiah was advised to join the theater department, which marked a turning point in his life.

Josiah Cross is an actor.
Cross transitioned from journalism to acting.

This decision led him to Cal State Northridge‘s film school on a scholarship, where he starred in a significant production of Angels in America. His performance there not only sharpened his acting skills but also won him a scholarship from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Since June 2018, he has been represented by A3 Artists Agency, enhancing his professional network and opportunities in the acting industry.

Cross is presently single, channeling his full energy into a flourishing acting career. His commitment to honing his craft has kept him at the forefront of new and compelling roles.

His Major Break Came In 2023

Josiah Cross’s journey through the acting world began with a modest role as a party guest in the 2017 film Back 2 Life. His career trajectory continued upward with a voice role as Porter Rose in the 2019 video game NBA 2K20, and further gained momentum as he starred as TD in King Richard, sharing the screen with the celebrated actor Will Smith.

Reflecting on this opportunity, Cross shared how Smith had influenced his aspirations from a young age. Acting alongside his idol was, in his words, “overwhelmingly surreal.”

Josiah Cross in a film festival.
Cross in the London Film Festival.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone in his career with his portrayal of 17-year-old Terry in A Thousand and One. The film not only clinched the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival but also propelled him into the spotlight, earning him a nomination for Breakout of the Year by the IFJA.

Looking ahead to 2024, the actor is set to appear in the Apple TV mini-series Lady in the Lake, which debuts on July 19. The series adapts Laura Lippman’s novel, chronicling the life of Maddie Schwartz, a housewife and mother turned investigative journalist following an unsolved murder. This role promises to showcase another dimension of Cross’s versatile acting skills.

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