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By PrithviPublished on: June 24, 2024 Updated on: June 25, 2024
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Samir Royal, the nine-year-old dynamo captivating audiences with his role as Lionel Johnson in the much-anticipated mini-series Lady in the Lake, is not just a fledgling star on the set. With a growing list of acting credits, Samir has already begun to leave his mark far beyond the fleeting glow of the spotlight.

Off camera, his energy spills over into the sports world, where he dives into everything from baseball to basketball with the zeal of a seasoned athlete. As this multi-talented young star navigates both Hollywood and the sports field, his journey suggests a bright future, laden with potential and promise.

Let’s venture into the life of this young luminary whose ambitions stretch as far as his dreams.

His Early Life, Parents, And Education Details

Samir, born on July 19, 2014, in California, has showbiz woven into his upbringing. His mother, Robin Tomas Corbin, a former model and veteran who now oversees his Instagram, remains a dynamic figure in his budding career. Though details about his father, Mr. Corbin, are less public, the bond between them is undeniable.

His recent Father’s Day Instagram post, a heartfelt video with his dad, showcases their close relationship, giving a glimpse into the personal life that shapes this young actor’s journey.


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After finishing preschool in June 2019, he enrolled at Barack Obama Charter School, completing his coursework there by June 20, 2020. With his acting career gaining momentum, Samir transitioned from traditional public school to virtual classes, a move that allowed him to better juggle the demands of his rising fame with his studies.

Samir’s Incredible Journey Into Stardom

The young star embarked on his modeling career at just 18 months old, striking poses for major brands such as Nike, Fashion Nova, and Journeys Kidz. His early start in the fashion industry set the stage for his acting pursuits, which took off with his 2022 debut in the short movie Always, where he portrayed an imaginary son.

The following year, he expanded his repertoire, appearing as six-year-old Kamal in the reboot of White Men Can’t Jump and lending his voice to characters in Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure and Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

Similarly, his role as Marcel in The Vince Staples Show further established his presence in the entertainment world, drawing more attention to his acting skills.

Samir Royal Corbin is an actor and model
Samir at the premiere of White Men Can’t Jump.

Continuing his rise in the entertainment industry, Samir is now set to appear in the new Apple TV mini-series Woman in the Lake, portraying Lionel Johnson. Acting alongside Hollywood notables such as Natalie Portman, Bianca Belle, David Corenswet, Josiah Cross, and Byron Bowers, his career is expected to accelerate.

Similarly, his rise in the entertainment industry is supported by his partnership with Zuri Agency, which was established in 2008. With a track record of cultivating the careers of numerous actors and models, Zuri has offices in both Los Angeles and New York City. Their talent portfolio spans a broad spectrum of media, including films, television shows, stage productions, commercials, and print advertisements, showcasing a global presence in the creative and entertainment sectors.

He Excels In Several Games Including Baseball And Tennis

Samir isn’t just a model and actor; he’s a devoted sports enthusiast. From baseball and basketball to tennis and football, he embraces a wide array of athletic pursuits. His passion for movement extends beyond traditional sports—he’s also keen on dancing, bike riding, skateboarding, and roller skating.

His athletic journey included a notable moment in August 2018, when he earned a medal and certificate in the Rookie Baseball Program.


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Now, at only nine years old, he shows remarkable physical agility. In a recent video post, he is seen executing box jumps and performing pull-ups with impressive ease. Despite his young age, Corbin’s drive and skill set him apart, showing a level of passion and talent that rivals many adults.

Additional Details About Samir

Height: 4’7″

Weight: 78 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eyes: Brown

Hair Length: Short

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