VICE and Project X’s Party Legends: Kreayshawn

By BhuraPublished on: February 29, 2024 Updated on: February 29, 2024
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In the latest episode of VICE and Project X’s Party Legends, rapper Kreayshawn takes center stage with an unforgettable 4th of July celebration. The eccentric artist, known for her unapologetic style, turned heads as she embraced the festivities to the fullest. In a comical twist, Kreayshawn accidentally pocket-dialed her mom, sharing the chaotic moments of the party. The unexpected call gave fans an intimate glimpse into the rapper’s wild escapades.

Adding to the mayhem, Kreayshawn made headlines by pulling off a daring move – stealing a staggering 100 blunts. The bold act left partygoers and online audiences in awe, solidifying Kreayshawn’s reputation as a party legend. As the viral footage circulates, social media is buzzing with reactions, making Kreayshawn’s 4th of July bash a legendary chapter in the annals of outrageous celebrations.

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