Where Is Amy Murphy? Inside The Life Of Eric Carmen’s Third Wife

By BhuraPublished on: March 12, 2024 Updated on: March 12, 2024
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Late Eric Carmen’s third wife Amy Murphy, born Amy Hasten, is an Emmy-award-winning newscaster who previously worked for FOX News among others. Amy who announced the demise of her husband and Raspberries vocalist was married to him since 2016.

The music world is mourning the loss of a legendary singer-songwriter, Eric Carmen, who passed away over the weekend. Amy shared the heartbreaking news on his website, stating that Eric peacefully departed in his sleep. Known for his sweet melodies and touching lyrics, Eric’s music touched the hearts of many for decades.

Eric Daughter Kathryn Announces His Death
Eric Daughter Kathryn Announces His Death

His journey in music began as the lead vocalist of the Raspberries, where his talent shone bright with hits like “Go All the Way.” As a solo artist, he continued to captivate audiences with timeless classics such as “All by Myself,” “Hungry Eyes,” and “Make Me Lose Control.”

Following the news of his death, tributes poured in from fans and fellow musicians alike. Kiss frontman Paul Stanley remembered Eric as a true rocker with a voice reminiscent of legends like McCartney and Marriott. Actor Michael Des Barres praised Eric’s songwriting prowess, blending influences to create something new and beautiful.

As we remember Carmen’s incredible legacy, his music will continue to live on, reminding us that love and music are indeed all that matters.

Amy Murphy Is An Emmy Winning Meteorologist

Murphy, Eric Carmen’s beloved wife, is no stranger to success herself. With an impressive career in broadcast journalism, she has earned accolades for her work as a meteorologist. Her journey began as a breaking news anchor and weekend weather reporter for Fox’s Los Angeles affiliate, KTTV. During her time at KTTV, Amy’s talent and dedication earned her two Emmy nominations.

Prior to her stint in Los Angeles, she made her mark as a meteorologist for WKYC in Cleveland. Her six-year tenure at WKYC showcased her expertise in weather forecasting and reporting. However, her ambitions led her to explore opportunities in other vibrant cities such as Miami, Phoenix, and eventually back to Los Angeles.

Her remarkable career highlights include her role as a staff meteorologist at WKYC-TV3 and her contributions to FOX News, where she covered notable events like the 2002 Winter Olympics. Her exceptional reporting earned her an Emmy award and two additional nominations, solidifying her reputation as a respected journalist.

Beyond her media career, Amy transitioned into corporate communications, serving as the director of corporate communications for Health Banks, a renowned biotech firm formerly known as PacifiCord.

Eric Carmen’s Wife Amy Hasten Lived Up To The Wedding Vows

On October 21, 2016, Eric Carmen, the famous lead singer of Raspberries, exchanged vows with Amy, a former newscaster. This wasn’t Eric’s first time tying the knot, as he had been previously married to two spouses named Susan Carmen and Marcy Hill.

Eric Carmen & Amy Murphy
Eric & Amy, Rare photo Together

His previous marriages ended in divorce, first with Marcy Hill in 1979 and then with Susan Brown in 2009. Despite these challenges, Eric found love and stability with Amy after they met during their time in Cleveland. The announcement of their wedding on Facebook reflects their happiness and the beginning of a journey together.

Murphy has undoubtedly lived up to the wedding vows, standing by Eric’s side through thick and thin.

She Faced A Tragedy In 2007

Before marrying Eric, Amy Murphy faced a challenging time when her boyfriend, comedian Richard Jeni, tragically took his own life in 2007. Richard’s struggle with severe clinical depression deeply affected Amy, leaving a void in her life that was never completely filled.

Although she has since recovered from depression, the pain of losing Richard remains with her. While she occasionally discusses this difficult period of her life, she prefers to keep most details away from the media spotlight.

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