What Is Trevor Sova Ethnicity? All About His Religion and Family Background

By Chakku HaruPublished on: March 5, 2024 Updated on: March 5, 2024
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Trevor Sova is known for his appearance on the Netflix show “Love Is Blind.” Born in Summerville, USA, back in August 1993, many fans are curious about him, especially when it comes to his family background, ethnicity, and religion. 

Besides his TV gig, Trevor works as a project technician at Cardinal Health in North Carolina. He’s been a Summerville resident his whole life and still calls it home. On the show, Trevor mentioned the reality TV star wants a partner who shares his drive.

With his cool mullet and strong voice, Trevor quickly caught Chelsea Blackwell’s attention during the sixth season premiere on Valentine’s Day. He’s been caught up in some romantic drama on the show, earning him the nickname “Mr. Notebook Guy” because of his tough yet caring attitude.

People all over really enjoy following Trevor’s story on the show. Throughout all this, Trevor’s ethnic background and religious beliefs remain a topic of interest among fans.

What is Trevor Sova’s Ethnicity and Religion?

Sova has yet to really talk about his family or where the TV star comes from in any interviews or on social media. All we know is that Trevor was born in Summerville. From that, we can guess Sova’s probably American.

Trevor Sova with his dogs
Trevor is a dog lover.

But Trevor hasn’t said anything about his parents on the TV show “Love is Blind” either.

On his Instagram, Sova mostly shares pictures of his dogs and talks about going to the gym. He doesn’t say anything about his ethnicity or religion. Some people think the television personality looks Caucasian and is probably American.

Similarly, reports suggest Trevor might have been raised Christian.


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Who Are Trevor Sova’s Parents?

Trevor is the son of Gregory and Jill Sova. His family plays a pivotal role in his life. While specific details about his family life remain private, their influence has undoubtedly contributed to shaping Trevor’s character.

Trevor Sova and his dog
Trevor is a TV star.

The values and guidance instilled by his parents from a young age served as a steady anchor amidst the whirlwind of fame. Though Trevor may not frequently discuss his family in public, their support and upbringing continue to play a significant role in shaping his identity and guiding his journey as a reality TV Star.

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He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the show was filmed. On his Instagram, Trevor shares mostly pictures of lifting weights and hanging out with his dogs. He and his former girlfriend Chelsea connected over dogs during their first dates on the show.

Sadly, Trevor had to say goodbye to his dog, Duke, in January 2024.

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