What Is Korina Harrison, Corey Harrison’s Ex-Wife Doing Now?

By BhuraPublished on: March 21, 2024 Updated on: March 21, 2024
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Korina Harrison, famously known as Kiki, became a topic of interest following her marriage to Corey Harrison. He is a star from the hit TV show “Pawn Stars.” Although their union was brief, the fascination with Korina’s life has continued.

Born and raised in the sunny city of San Diego, California, Korina, or Kiki as she’s affectionately known, holds an aura of mystery. She’s an American through and through, with roots that hint at a Greek heritage, as her name suggests. The meaning of Korina—Maiden—reflects a sense of purity and simplicity, which seems to parallel her low-key lifestyle.

Despite the fame that came knocking on her door, Kiki has maintained privacy, when it comes to her family. Her life before and after her high-profile marriage remains largely a closed book.

This article aims to shed some light on who Korina is.

First Meeting Marriage & Divorce

Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison, despite their eventual public limelight, started their relationship shrouded in secrecy. The details of how they first crossed paths remain a mystery. Her ex-husband was particularly private about his personal life during the show’s run, never letting slip any details about his relationship with Korina.

The couple, after a period of quiet dating, decided to solidify their commitment to each other by tying the knot. Their wedding, held on May 26, 2017, was a private affair, taking place in Korina’s hometown of San Diego, California. It was an intimate ceremony attended only by their closest family members.

Korina Clicks A Photo With Her Ex-Husband Corey In Front Of The Mirror
The Ex-Couple When They Were Together

However, the serenity of their union was short-lived. Just a year into their marriage, the pair found themselves grappling with conflicting schedules and the demands of their professional lives. This strain led to their decision to part ways. In an interview, Corey expressed their mutual respect and love despite the separation, stating,

“Karina and I love each other very much. With our competing work schedules, we just weren’t able to make the marriage work but remain good friends and want only the best for each other.”

The formal end to their marriage came swiftly, with Corey filing for divorce in August 2018, and the legal proceedings concluding by September 10, 2018.

Who Is Corey Harrison?

Corey is a TV personality familiar to many as one of the stars of the hit TV show “Pawn Stars,” which first hit the airwaves in 2009 on the History channel. This show, chronicling the daily happenings at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, became an instant hit, making him and his colleagues household names.

The pawnshop, originally opened by his grandfather, Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison, and his father, Rick Harrison, in 1989, served as the backdrop for his rise to fame. By the time “Pawn Stars” premiered, he, alongside his childhood friend Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell, became integral to the shop’s operations and the show’s success.

Corey, also known as “Big Hoss,” began his journey in the family business at a young age. Starting at just nine years old, he was initially given simple tasks like polishing knobs. Over the years, his responsibilities grew, and so did his ambition. By the show’s seventh season, he was confident enough in his role to demand a 10% partnership in the business. Although he was eventually granted a 5% stake. His role as manager and part-owner of the pawnshop showcases his deep ties to the business and his family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Korina Harrison Is A Mother To A Son

In the midst of the ups and downs in their relationship, Korina and her ex-husband Corey experienced a significant life event together. EventuallIn October 2018, the couple welcomed a new addition to their family, a baby boy. In honor of Corey’s beloved grandfather, they named their son Richard Benjamin Harrison.

When asked about his new role as a father, Corey shared his emotions openly, admitting, “I’m happy, and I’m nervous as hell.”

Korina, too, shared her own hopes and dreams for their child. In the same heartfelt interview, she expressed her wish for their son to inherit his father’s eyes.

What Is She Doing In 2024?

Before tying the knot with Corey, Korina Harrison had already carved her career as an executive assistant in Las Vegas. This role typically earns someone between $60,000 and $90,000 annually in the United States.

Since parting ways with Corey, who has a net worth of around $4 million primarily from his involvement in the family pawnshop and his role on the TV show “Pawn Stars,” there has been much curiosity about what Korina has been up to.

Although specific details about her current endeavors are scarce, given her professional background and experience, it’s plausible that she has continued to build her career in the administrative field. She could be leveraging her skills and experience gained as an executive assistant to pursue new opportunities or advancements within her profession.

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