Meet Sarah, Peter Bleksley’s Wife: A Skilled Medical Practitioner

By Chakku HaruPublished on: April 2, 2024 Updated on: April 28, 2024
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Peter Bleksley, a former detective known for capturing major criminals, has led a remarkable life. Despite his tough job, Bleksley supports the idea of legalizing narcotics and values education, learning from his own past of leaving school early and turning his life around. After being medically retired in his late 30s, Peter found a new purpose as an author, playwright, TV commentator, and podcaster.

He grew up in a challenging environment in South-East London, with a troubled childhood and an abusive father who left early. As a teenager, Peter was also involved in minor crimes, but his mother’s efforts changed his future. She arranged for a local police officer to talk to him about becoming a policeman, and this convinced him to change his path.

Bleksley has been married to his wife Sarah since the late 1990s, who is a medical practitioner. Together, they’ve navigated the complexities of life, with Sarah supporting Peter through his career transitions and personal developments.

They Met in 1994

Peter, known for his books ‘On The Run’ and ‘The Gangbuster’, first met his future wife, Sarah Jane Bleksley, in 1994. Talking about their first meeting, he shared on his Facebook on November 14, 2014, “20 years ago tonight I met my wonderful wife Sarah. What scrap heap would I otherwise have been rotting on had it not been for her?”


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The couple married on June 13, 1997. Celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary, the podcaster posted on Facebook, “17 years ago today I married my gorgeous wife Sarah. I adore her. I hope for many more.”

Peter occasionally shares updates about his better half on social media. For instance, on August 27, 2018, he tweeted a photo with Sarah, saying, “Dear All, it is with great pride that I introduce you to my amazing wife Sarah. We’re off to a posh do!”

Bleksley and Sarah
With Sarah. (Image: Twitter)

The couple also has a son, born in 2002, whose name remains private. Peter often humorously mentions him on social media. On January 14, 2017, he joked, “15-year-old son makes tonight’s dessert, cleans and washes up, and then asks if there’s anything else he can do. I’m seriously worried…”

Bleksley also has an older son from a previous relationship, born in January 1988. Celebrating his eldest son’s 30th birthday, he wrote on Twitter, “Today is my eldest son’s 30th birthday. I adore him. He we are celebrating”

Sarah’s Career Explored

Sarah, born in February 1958 in the United Kingdom, is a British medical practitioner.

Before her current role in the medical field, she held the position of director at Cargreen Yacht Club Limited. She was appointed on May 7, 2004, and served until her resignation on December 2, 2006.

At present, she and her husband Peter reside in London.

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