Rick Ness’ Nose Before & After: Did He Undergo Surgery?

By BhuraPublished on: March 12, 2024 Updated on: April 17, 2024
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With the return of Gold Rush season 14, fans noticed significant changes in  Rick Ness’ nose & his overall facial structure and voice. This gave rise to several speculations including a nose job or any sort of injury resulting in the deformation.

In the last few years, Rick, who stars in the TV show Gold Rush, went through some tough times. His mom passed away from cancer when she was only 55 years old in 2018. This made him really sad and lost & he even talked about feeling depressed on the show.

The trauma of the loss was so much that he decided to take a break to figure things out. He took a whole year off work to be by himself and cope with his mom’s death.

Even though it was hard for Rick to step away from his job, he knew he had to do it for his own well-being. He realized that he was feeling overwhelmed by the stress of his job and everything else going on in his life. Well, as he appeared for season 14 of the show, fans noticed something wrong with his nose. Let’s find out.

Redditor’s Reaction To Rick Ness’ Nose

Fans of the show Gold Rush noticed a big change in Rick’s appearance when he appeared in Season 14 with a disfigured nose. Some people thought he looked completely different and not in a good way. They speculated that maybe he got hurt while mining, but others had different ideas.

Rick Ness Nose & Face Before & After
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Some Redditors suggested that his nose might have been damaged from using drugs like cocaine. They pointed out that snorting drugs can cause harm to the nose, leading to what they called “coke nose.” There were discussions about whether Rick might have had issues with drugs before, and some even blamed his past relationship for his troubles.

Others disagreed, saying that he took responsibility for his own mistakes and didn’t blame anyone else. They thought that maybe his ex-girlfriend stayed with him because she wanted to be on TV and become famous. Some even speculated about her hospitalization, suggesting that he might have given her a disease.

Overall, Redditors had different opinions about what might have caused Rick’s nose to change and what his personal life might be like. Similarly one of the twitter users also had a similar opinion.

Some supported him and wished him well, while others had harsher judgments.

Did He Undergo Any Injury or Cosmetic Enhancements?

Rick has been talked about a lot online, especially regarding his looks and health. Some people think he might have had surgery on his nose or other parts of his face. But there’s no clear proof or official statement confirming this.

Having said that he has had a bad accident while mining, breaking his jaw and losing teeth back in the 10th season of the show. Despite all this talk, Rick hasn’t said anything about it publicly.

He Suffered From Seasonal Affective Disorder

Rick Ness made a surprising confession during a conversation with Zee. He revealed that he believed he was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This type of depression is linked to changes in seasons and tends to happen at the same times every year, according to the Mayo Clinic.

He explained that he never used to feel depressed, which made it hard for him to recognize it as the cause of his recent low mood. When asked if he thought his mother’s passing in 2020 had anything to do with his negative feelings. He admitted that he still owned his mother’s home, hadn’t changed anything about it, and hadn’t visited it since she passed away.

Further, he acknowledged the need to prioritize his mental well-being before diving back into the mining world. Ness’s openness sheds light on the importance of addressing mental health struggles, even in demanding professions like gold mining.

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