Ana Jurka’s Joy-Filled Life with Husband Joshua and Two Sons

Honduran-born journalist Ana Jurka lives in Florida with husband and two sons.

By AtticusPublished on: April 25, 2024 Updated on: April 25, 2024
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Ana Jurka, a familiar face on Telemundo, was known for her engaging presentations on Titulares y Más alongside Karim Mendiburu. She also ventured into entertainment with En casa con Telemundo.

Despite her popularity, Ana’s journey at the network was not without its challenges, influenced by her discomfort and dissatisfaction with her role and pay, particularly during her stint on En casa con Telemundo.

Feeling under-compensated, she ultimately decided to leave Telemundo and pursue new opportunities, marking the end of a significant chapter in her broadcasting career. After quitting her job, Ana has been creating content for her self-title YouTube channel.

Born and Bred in Honduras, Ana Changed Her Last Name After Moving to The U.S.

Ana was born Ana Itschel Flores on January 16, 1985, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She holds Honduran nationality and is of Hispanic ethnicity. Growing up in Tegucigalpa, Ana was well-known by her maiden name, Ana Flores.

After marrying Joshua Jurka, she moved to the States and transitioned into television journalism. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Ana adapted well to her new environment. After her relocation, Ana joined Telemundo as a news reporter in September 2012.

At Telemundo, there was an informal expectation for women to use their husband’s surnames professionally. Ana adopted her husband’s surname after realizing that “Ana Flores” was a common name in Honduras, whereas “Ana Jurka” stood out as unique—a change also encouraged by her husband.

Ana Jurka started working for Telemundo after moving to the United States
Ana Jurka started working for Telemundo after moving to the United States

Additionally, Ana is the daughter-in-law of Pastor Peter Jurka, further connecting her personal and professional identities under her new surname. This name change marked a new chapter in her career, helping her establish a distinct presence in the competitive media landscape of the United States.

Completed Her Education In Honduras

Ana pursued her higher education in Honduras, focusing on fields related to marketing and business administration. From 2005 to 2007, she attended Ceutec-Unitec Honduras (Central American Technological University), where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Promotions, and Advertising (Licenciatura en Mercadotecnia, Promociones y Publicidad).

Prior to this, Ana studied at Instituto Moderno in Tegucigalpa (Modern Institute, Tegucigalpa) from 2000 to 2003, where she completed a program in Executive Secretariat (Secretaria Ejecutiva). These educational experiences provided her with a solid foundation in business and communication, skills that she has successfully applied in her career in journalism and television.

Ana Married Husband Joshua Jurka in 2011

Ana has been married to Joshua Jurka since May 13, 2011. The duo married in an intimate ceremony at the Ministry of Zion in Honduras, officiated by Josh’s father, Pastor Peter Jurka, with a reception held at Hacienda El Trapiche. Their honeymoon spanned New York, Orlando, and Italy. In 2012, Ana moved from Honduras to Florida to join Joshua, who had relocated there for work, primarily for personal reasons, emphasizing their commitment to building a life together rather than for professional advancement.

Their family grew with the arrival of their first son, Seth Jurka, on May 27, 2016, and their second son, Noah Peter Jurka, on February 1, 2019. Noah’s middle name is a heartfelt tribute to his grandfather, Peter.

Journalist Ana Jurka with husband, Joshua and two sons Seth and Noah
Journalist Ana Jurka with husband, Joshua and two sons Seth and Noah

Throughout their marriage, Ana has often shared glimpses of their life together on social media, including a throwback picture from their early dating days and a New Year’s celebration post with hashtags marking significant years: 2010 when they got engaged, and 2016 and 2019, which marked the births of their children.

As of 2024, Ana and Joshua have been together for 13 years. They reside in Miami, Florida, where they balance their professional lives with the joys of parenting. Their story is one of love, family, and partnership, enduring through the years and celebrated both privately and in the glimpses shared with the public.

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