Joe Montana’s First Wife, Kim Moses’ Journey Beyond the Spotlight

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Joe Montana is one of the greatest football quarterbacks in American history. He played 16 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), mainly with the San Francisco 49ers. Known as “Joe Cool” for his calm demeanor and “the Comeback Kid” for his dramatic game turnarounds, Montana led the 49ers to four Super Bowl victories.

He is famous for setting high standards in the game, including records for most Super Bowl passes without an interception and the highest career passer rating in Super Bowl history. Apart from his stellar sports career, Montana’s personal life has also been in the spotlight, particularly his marriages. While he is currently happily married to Jennifer Montana, his journey in love saw him married three times.

His first marriage was with Kim Moses during the late 1970s, a relationship that began during their high school days. However, marrying young led to challenges, and they soon parted ways. Kim has mostly stayed out of the public eye following her divorce. However, she once found herself at the center of a notable controversy. What happened between them? Where is she now? Let’s uncover all these.

Her Marriage to Montana Ended In Mere Three Years

As mentioned before, Kim and Joe started dating while they were in high school. Their relationship moved ahead swiftly and they got married in December 1974. Joe was still in his second semester at Notre Dame when they decided to get married. They picked up their marriage license on December 23, 1974, so it’s likely they got married around that time.

Their marriage certificate came from St. Joseph County, Indiana, and the record shows it was issued on January 4, 1975. However, after about three years together, Kim and Joe decided to go their separate ways. They completed their divorce in 1977.

Former footballer, Joe Montana's first wife
Kim is the former footballer, Joe Montana’s first wife

After his first divorce, Joe married Cass Castillo in 1981. However, this marriage also ended in divorce in 1984. About a year after his second divorce, Joe married Jennifer Montana (née Wallace). This time, things turned out much better.

Joe and Jennifer have had a great marriage and are parents to four kids. They have two daughters, Alexandra and Elizabeth, and two sons, Nick and Nate Montana. The family has been enjoying a wonderful life together.

Kim Moses Remarried After First Divorce

After her divorce from Montana, Kim focused on her studies and career. Eventually, she met Ian Sander, who became the love of her life. The details about how they first met and their early dating life aren’t well known.

Kim and Ian got married in 1994 and enjoyed over two decades of a happy married life. Together, they had two sons, Aaron and Declan Sander.

Sadly, Ian Sander passed away from a heart attack on May 3, 2016, at the age of 68. His funeral was held on May 9 at Valley Beth Shalom in Los Angeles.

Kim Moses and Ian Sander were married from 1994 to his death in 2016
Kim Moses and Ian Sander were married from 1994 to his death in 2016

Ian was originally from New York City and left home at 17 to study at the University of Southern California. He earned a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s degree from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC. Ian started his career as an actor, working in television, movies, and theater in both America and Europe.

Why Did Joe Montana Sue Kim?

In May 2008, Joe Montana, the four-time Super Bowl winner, filed a lawsuit against his first wife, Kim, and a Texas auction house. He was upset because they had sold love letters he wrote to Kim while they were dating, along with other personal items from his time at Notre Dame.

The items sold included Joe’s freshman ID card, a letter of intent from the university, and their marriage certificate. Joe claimed that Kim sold these items without his permission and he was seeking damages of over $75,000.

Kim’s legal team responded to the lawsuit by expressing disappointment. They stated that the items were given to Kim as tokens of love and appreciation, arguing that they rightfully belonged to her. Furthermore, they mentioned that a Property Settlement Agreement signed by both of them made Kim the sole owner of the items in question.

Kim Earned a Bachelor’s Degree Following Her Divorce from Montana

Moses grew up in Donora, Pennsylvania, where her father, John Moses, owned the Irondale Hotel. Kim’s mother, Beverly Moses Ford, now lives in California while her dad, John, died on June 23, 2003. Kim completed her high school education at Monongahela Valley Catholic High School in 1974. She began dating Joe, who attended a different school, during her high school days.

After high school, Kim did not pursue further education immediately as she married Joe and moved to Indiana, where she worked at the University of Notre Dame’s sports information office.

Kim’s career took a new direction after her marriage ended. She relocated to Washington D.C., where she held positions with former U.S. Representative Austin J. Murphy, the House Science and Technology Committee, and later worked for Senator Al Gore.

After relocating to Washington D.C., Kim returned to academics and earned a paralegal degree and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Georgetown University.

Is the Owner of Sander/Moses Productions That She Started With Her Second Husband

Later on, Kim moved to New York where she began working as a talent coordinator for the MTV Music Video Awards and later became a producer at MTV. She also produced a CBS Christmas special in 1991, which was recognized as one of the best entertainment programs that year, making it a finalist for the International Monitors Award.

Later, Kim moved to Los Angeles where she continued her career in the entertainment industry, working on various TV series, movies, and specials. Her work covered a wide range of genres and formats, including live events and documentaries.

Notably, Kim and her late husband, Sander, were the executive producers of the popular CBS-TV show Ghost Whisperer. The show was inspired in part by her experiences and memories of her hometown, Donora.

Kim and her second husband, Ian ran entertainment business for several years before his death
Kim and her second husband, Ian ran entertainment business for several years before his death

Besides, Kim is considered the pioneer of  Total Engagement Experience (TEE), a new approach in the television industry. This model views each TV show as part of a larger, multi-platform entertainment experience.

It includes not only television but also the internet, publishing, music, mobile technologies, DVDs, video games, and more. This approach creates an “infinity loop” that boosts TV ratings and increases various streams of revenue.

Today, Kim Moses is the founder, executive producer, and director at Sander/Moses Productions and SLAM Digital Media. She lives in Beverly Hills, California.

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