Connor Garden-Bachop Is Survived By His Girlfriend & Twin Daughters

Connor Garden-Bachop was not married but he was dating and was a father to two daughters.

By PrithviPublished on: June 20, 2024 Updated on: June 24, 2024
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The sudden passing of Connor Garden-Bachop, a prominent figure in New Zealand rugby, has left the sports community in mourning. On Monday, June 17, 2024, the 25-year-old Highlanders and Māori All Blacks player succumbed to a medical event, the specifics of which remain undisclosed. As tributes pour in, the focus of New Zealand Rugby—alongside the New Zealand Māori Rugby Board, the Highlanders, Wellington Rugby, and the New Zealand Rugby Players Association—is firmly on supporting the Garden-Bachop family during this profound loss.

Garden-Bachop’s death reverberates beyond the field, touching those close to him and the broader rugby community. He is survived by twin daughters, with girlfriend Olivia Robertson. Amid the grief, questions arise about his personal life, particularly his relationship with Robertson. Was he planning to get married to her? As the rugby world comes together, the legacy of Garden-Bachop’s career and his role as a parent remain focal points of remembrance and reflection.

Connor And Robertson Started Dating Back In 2019

The couple began their relationship in 2019, sharing their journey discreetly until their social media revealed the depth of their bond. Although Olivia was not Connor’s wife but rather his girlfriend, she became an integral part of his family circle.

Olivia Robertson close to Connor's family
Connor and Olivia started dating sometime in 2019.

Their closeness was evident in a June 2023 Instagram post by Olivia, featuring a collage of photos from a family picnic. With a warmth that transcended the digital space, she captioned the memory,

It’s been the best 3 weeks making amazing memories, looking forward to the next picnic & play. We’ll miss you but hoping to see you soon x.

She Gave Birth To Twin Daughters Via C-section

On August 5, 2020, Olivia and the late rugby star Connor Garden-Bachop welcomed twin daughters, Brynn Everly and Harlow Rosie. Born just three minutes apart, Brynn arrived at 4:42 PM, weighing 1.4 kg, followed by Harlow at 1.7 kg. The couple’s social media accounts burst with photos and updates, reflecting their immense pride and joy in their growing family.


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Despite the joys of motherhood, Olivia faced challenges. The twins’ arrival via cesarean section was a departure from her expectations of a natural birth, leading to feelings of inadequacy fueled by persistent societal stigmas around surgical childbirth.

To address this, she shared her experience on Instagram, confronting the difficulties and misconceptions surrounding c-sections. She ended her candid post with a powerful affirmation: “So here I am saying, I gave birth to my gorgeous twins via emergency c-section and it was magical! 🤍.”

Olivia Robertson Is A Business Owner And A Lifeguard

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, she is the daughter of Grant Robertson and the late Melissa Robertson. She, along with her father and sister Georgia, recently stepped into the entrepreneurial scene by purchasing Funny Bunny Kids, a well-established brand known for luxury children’s products, from Sara Jamieson at the start of 2024.

Their vision for the business is to expand its reach while continuing to provide high-quality items for children from infancy through the early school years.

Olivia is a business owner
Olivia co-owns a business alongside her father and sister.

In addition to her business ventures, she has been a lifeguard at Te Rauparaha Arena since September 2017, demonstrating her commitment to community safety. Her personal interests also include writing, which she pursues through blogging. This combination of business leadership and community involvement showcases her diverse talents and dedication to both her professional and personal passions.

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