Loren Allred Was Dropped From Record Label As She Denied Sexual Favors

By BhuraPublished on: May 3, 2024 Updated on: May 3, 2024
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Loren Allred, widely recognized for her stunning vocal performance in the hit song “Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman,” opened up about the challenges she faced early in her music career. Despite her recent triumph on Britain’s Got Talent, where she received a golden buzzer from judge Amanda Holden, her journey in the music industry has been fraught with adversity.

At just 19 years old, after being discovered by acclaimed singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, Allred joined Island Def Jam Music. It was a dream come true for the young artist, but it soon turned into a nightmare. She recounted the “frightening” experiences of sexual harassment she endured from music executives who tried to exploit her youth and inexperience.

“These were people I thought I could trust, and it turned out I really couldn’t,” Allred revealed. She described how these executives would present her with ultimatums that promised career advancement in exchange for sexual favors. Despite the pressure, she remained steadfast, refusing to succumb to their demands. “Nothing ever happened, because I was strong enough to say no,” she stated.

However, her refusal to comply with these unethical demands came at a cost. Allred was eventually dropped from the label, a decision that left her emotionally drained and without a clear path forward. “I was dropped from the label, and I didn’t have a back-up plan. I was emotionally exhausted,” she explained.

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Allred Was Harassed As A Teenager

The turning point in Allred’s career came years later, while she was working as a barista. She was unexpectedly asked to record a demo for a new song titled “Never Enough” for “The Greatest Showman.” Her powerful rendition impressed the producers so much that they decided to keep her vocals in the final cut of the film. This opportunity reignited her career, leading to collaborations with stars like Hugh Jackman and Andrea Bocelli.

Loren Allred’s story is not just one of personal resilience but also a stark reminder of the dark realities that can lurk behind the glamorous façade of the music industry. Her experience underscores the importance of standing firm in one’s values and the potential consequences of challenging power abuse in high-stakes environments.

As Allred continues to share her talent with the world, her story serves as an inspiration and a cautionary tale for young artists navigating the complex dynamics of the music industry.

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