Meet Atlanta’s Top Seven Rising Rappers Dominating the Scene

By Chakku HaruPublished on: April 29, 2024 Updated on: April 30, 2024
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Atlanta has emerged as a powerhouse in the music industry, a dynamic hub that continues to shape the contours of modern music. In this bustling city, known for its eclectic blend of sounds and styles, new artists continually push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

The city’s historical significance in shaping rap music is undeniable, with trailblazers like T.I., Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane laying the foundational beats that would influence generations. These pioneers not only crafted a distinct Atlanta sound but also paved the way for the evolution of genres like drill music.

Here are seven favorite rising artists from Atlanta whose music is definitely worth checking out.

Baby Drill

Drill is an emerging Atlanta-based rapper, recognized for his album ‘Drill Season’ and hit singles ‘Imposters’ and ‘Back in Action’. His unique style combines persistent, aggressive rap bars with trap-inspired beats, positioning him as a leading figure in Atlanta’s expansive rap landscape.

Young artist Baby Drill.
‘Slight Dub’ singer Drill.

Under the real name DelQuristo Wilson, Drill has rapidly ascended from local acclaim to broader recognition. His career has been bolstered by collaborations with notable artists such as 21 Savage, G Herbo, and Young Nudy.

His increasing dedication to the music is evident as the artist aligns himself with PDE, Young Nudy’s record label. This partnership has already resulted in fruitful collaborations, notably on his acclaimed second mixtape, ‘Drill Season’.


Hunxho, whose real name is Ibrahim Muhammed Dodo, is making waves in the trap music scene as a promising artist with several popular tracks to his name. Originating from Greensboro, North Carolina, and raised in East Atlanta, Dodo gained widespread recognition with his 2021 hit single “Let’s Get It,” which later featured a remix with renowned rapper 21 Savage.

Rapper Hunxho.
(Image: Instagram)

He also teamed up with Summer Walker for a captivating remix of “Your Friends,” a standout track from his album ‘For Her.’ This new version introduces a female perspective to the song, enriching its exploration of the complex interplay between friendships and romantic relationships.

Homixide Fatt

Fatt, an up-and-coming rapper and a member of the Homixide Gang collective, made his mark with the release of his debut single “Wax” on October 3, 2021. His music captures the core elements of the trap with its unpolished production and raw vocal style.

A member of the Atlanta-based gang Homixide, Homixide Fatt
(Image: Instagram)

Among his standout tracks are “Far Away” and “EasyMoney,” both released in 2022, followed by “IDK” in 2023, each showcasing his evolving style and thematic depth.

Lil Joc

Lil, a rapper from the South Side of Atlanta, resonates with listeners through his genuine storytelling, quickly becoming a favorite in the underground rap scene. His straightforward approach to narrating his experiences has garnered him a dedicated local following.

Lil infront of his car.
(Image: Instagram)

In July 2023, Joc stirred the music community with the release of “Mad Max,” a music video that explores themes of personal adversity and resilience.

Anti Da Menace

Menace is an emerging talent who captures the authentic spirit of his city in his music. Young and naturally gifted, Anti has gained significant attention with tracks like “Murder B*tch” and “Big Eyez,” attracting hundred thousands of listeners on Spotify.

Musical artist Anti Da Menace.
(Image: Facebook)

He began sharing his music online in 2022.


Z6Saint stands out as a dynamic force in the music scene. He skillfully blends raw trap beats with melodious elements. His latest single, “A Bone To Pick (Freestyle),” showcases his rapid-fire lyrical prowess over a vibrant beat.

Perfect Pain's artist Z6Saint
(Image: Instagram)

Growing up in Zone 6, Atlanta, a city known for its diverse musical landscape, his style reflects this variety, yet his work unmistakably exudes the essence of southern trap music through its lyrics and rhythm. He also aims to inspire others with his music.

In 2021, Z6Saint released his mixtape, ‘Saints Revenge.’

The Letter M

Malik Allen performs under the stage name The Letter M with a knack for crafting catchy songs and melodies. His music, a blend of sharp rap and smooth harmonies, delivers a fresh and soulful Southern sound that stands out in the industry.

Atlanta-based rapper The Letter M.
(Image: Facebook)

In 2022, Allen released his single ‘Karma’s Revenge.’ He also runs his self-titled YouTube channel, where his popular song ‘HAVIN’ amassed over 72k views.

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