Eating Pu**y Is Must For Flo Milli’s Boyfriend: Reveals Red Flag In Relationship

Flo Milli reveals her preference in her partner. Some secret revealed.

By BhuraPublished on: May 1, 2024 Updated on: May 1, 2024
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In a series of candid interviews, rising rap star Flo Milli has been open about her personal standards and expectations when it comes to relationships. Known for her unapologetic anthems and empowering lyrics, Flo’s stance on dating and relationships is as clear-cut and direct as her music.

During a recent chat on the show “Truth or Drink: Sloppy Edition,” hosted by Omar, she disclosed her non-negotiables for dating, emphasizing the importance of respect and personal standards. “I don’t talk to anyone before 11 AM or after 10 PM,” she declared, identifying these times as “booty call hours,” which she actively avoids to maintain her self-respect.

The “Beef FloMix” artist also highlighted red flags she watches out for in potential partners. A lack of respect for one’s mother and not having financial stability are immediate deal-breakers for her. “I’ve never been with someone who wasn’t already a bitch because I would never want to be someone’s first,” Milli explained, illustrating her preference for partners who are as established and self-assured as she is.

One of the more striking points in her discussion was about the competitiveness of dating someone within the music industry. She expressed a preference for avoiding romantic entanglements with fellow musicians to steer clear of potential ego clashes.

Further, Milli didn’t shy away from discussing the more intimate aspects of relationships either. She advised men on the importance of understanding a woman’s needs. “Learn how to eat Pu**y,” she advised bluntly.

Video: Her Blunt Advises For Men

Her personal experiences with infidelity have also shaped her views on trust and loyalty. Having been on both sides of cheating, she admitted to acting out of character when she felt insecure in a relationship. These experiences, she noted, taught her valuable lessons about what she seeks in a partner and what behaviors she cannot tolerate.

As Flo continues to navigate her rise to fame, her personal life remains just as structured and determined as her career path. By setting clear boundaries and maintaining high standards, she not only empowers herself but also sets an example for her fans.

For fans and listeners, Flo Milli’s openness about such personal topics is refreshing. It’s a reminder that behind the fierce persona and hit songs, there’s a thoughtful individual who values respect, honesty, and genuine connection above all in her relationships.

Clash With Her Ex-Boyfriend Sparks Concern Among Milli’s Fans

Flo alarmed her fans on June 26, 2020, with a cryptic tweet suggesting danger from an ex-boyfriend. The Mobile, Alabama rapper expressed, “If anything happens to me, my ex did it,” in a tweet that was quickly deleted. This sparked immediate worry among her followers, who took to Twitter to voice their concerns about her safety. Despite her management’s reassurances that she was safe, fans remained unconvinced and continued to speculate about her well-being.

Flo Milli's Tweets Expressing Danger From Her Ex-Boyfriend
Flo’s Tweet Expressing Danger From Ex

The situation escalated as fans demanded proof that she was truly alright, fearing that her ex might be impersonating her online. Responding to the outcry, Milli went live on Instagram, directly addressing her fans’ worries and confirming her safety. She later tweeted gratitude for the support, highlighting the loyalty of her fanbase amidst the scare.

Apart from this, she was also caught up in a huge controversy after she shared a post with Travis Scott, Kylie’s then-boyfriend. The post led many to believe that they were dating. However, later it turned out there was nothing romantic between them after Kylie and Scott addressed that they were together.

Flo Posted A Story With Travis
Their Appearance Together Sparked Huge Controversy

Short Bio

Tamia Monique Carter, known professionally as Flo Milli, is an American rapper born on January 9, 2000, in Mobile, Alabama. She first captured widespread attention with her viral hits “Beef FloMix” in 2018 and “In the Party” in 2019, the latter achieving platinum status by the RIAA. Her early success led to a recording contract with ’94 Sounds, an imprint of RCA Records, in late 2019.

Her debut mixtape, Ho, Why Is You Here?, released in 2020, received critical acclaim and was listed among Rolling Stone’s Greatest Hip Hop Albums of All Time. It featured on the Billboard 200. Her follow-up studio album in 2022, You Still Here, Ho?, although it did not chart, was well received and included the gold-certified single “Conceited”. Her 2024 single “Never Lose Me” from her second studio album Fine Ho, Stay became her first top 20 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Nominated for Best New Artist at both the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards and the 2021 BET Awards, Flo’s rapid rise in hip-hop is marked by her sharp lyrical prowess and dynamic presence. Inspired by artists like Nicki Minaj, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu, she began writing music as a child, crafting her skills in rap groups before going solo. Her music, often imbued with themes of empowerment and self-assurance, reflects her tenacity and unique artistic voice.

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