Confusion About Tom Kaulitz Ethnicity & Strained Relationship With His Dad

Tom Kaulitz is not originally from United Stated but has a German ethnic background. Why did he migrate?

By AlishPublished on: June 17, 2024 Updated on: June 17, 2024
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Tom Kaulitz and his identical twin, Bill Kaulitz, the dynamic forces behind Germany’s Tokio Hotel, have left a significant imprint on the global music landscape. Born in Leipzig, East Germany, these white German brothers quickly rose from local favorites in Hamburg, Germany to international music icons, captivating audiences around the world with their refined sound and compelling charm.

While it’s well-known that the Kaulitz twins hail from Germany, there has occasionally been some confusion about their ethnicity. To clarify, both their parents, Simone Kaulitz and Jörg W., are German. The twins relocated to the United States in 2010 and has since made it their home.

The Singer With German Roots Settled in the United States Following a Stalking Incident

In late 2008, the Kaulitz twins, Tom and Bill, faced a terrifying situation when several obsessive fans began relentlessly following Tom. What started as a troubling invasion of privacy soon turned into real danger, including a violent attack on their mother at their home in Germany. The situation reached a critical point in April 2009, when a stressed Tom reportedly reacted by striking one of the stalkers at a gas station, quickly leaving the scene right after.

Tom Kaulitz with his twin brother, Bill Kaulitz.
Tom with his brother Bill.

The drama didn’t just vanish; it lingered over Tom like a dark cloud, fueling rumors of a possible assault trial. By the end of 2009, however, those charges disappeared, and he took action by filing his own stalking charges against the person he claimed was harassing him.

The last straw came with a bold break-in at their home. This frightening incident led the twins to make a significant decision — they packed up and moved to Los Angeles in October 2010. This wasn’t just a simple relocation; it was a desperate move to ensure their safety and a chance to start fresh, far from the troubles that had overshadowed their last days in Germany.

Tom Kaulitz’s Music Teacher Became His Stepdad After Mom’s Split from Dad

The 34-year-old was just seven when his parents—Simone, a painter, and Jörg, a truck driver—decided to part ways. This change led Simone to find new love with Gordon Trümper, who had been the twins’ music teacher and also played in the band Fatun. Their relationship flourished, and after dating for a while, they got married on August 1, 2009, creating a new family environment for Tom and Bill.

Trümper, who initially taught Tom how to play the guitar at his RockScool, smoothly transitioned from a musical guide to a family figure, taking on the role of a stepfather. He often described his relationship with the twins as similar to that of a “big brother.”

The Kaulitz twins kissing their mother
The Kaulitz twins kissing their mother.

This family dynamic had a significant impact on Tom’s early life, fostering his deep love for music under Trümper’s mentorship. Reflecting on this relationship, Tom has mentioned how Trümper’s passion for the guitar and influential bands like AC/DC were instrumental in shaping his path in music, laying the groundwork for his future success in the music industry.

His Father Discussed the Family Challenges and Hopes for Reunion

As the Kaulitz brothers flourished in Hollywood, their father, Jörg, offered a contrasting viewpoint from the sidelines. In a 2012 interview with BILD, he spoke about the challenges and tensions in his relationship with his sons, marked by sporadic communication and serious concerns for their well-being.

He expressed unease about Bill’s recent life choices, such as getting a new tattoo and deciding to write a will—decisions that Jörg found alarming. “He’s always been intrigued by death… now they’ve written their wills. That’s not normal,” he commented, worried that his son might face a fate similar to other tragic figures in the music industry.

Reflecting on their last gathering during Christmas 2009, Jörg remembered it as a warm and friendly encounter, filled with drinks and meaningful discussions. However, the twins’ move to America later widened not just the physical distance but also the emotional gap between them.

Jörg W. holding the twins
Jörg W. holding the Kaulitz twins.

The contrast between Jörg’s preference for a simple lifestyle and Simone’s affinity for the artistic community didn’t just significantly shape their sons’ upbringing; it was also a fundamental reason for their own breakup.

This divergence in lifestyle and values led Simone to take on a more prominent role in nurturing the artistic and creative inclinations of their sons, further deepening the divide between Jörg and his family.

Despite these family tensions, Jörg still holds onto a faint hope for reconciliation. He movingly revealed how the twins view their dogs as their closest family members, appreciating their constant loyalty. “Dogs are loyal their entire life. That really broke my heart,” he shared, expressing his pain at feeling less important than their pets.

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