What Is Rainford Kalaba’s Net Worth? His Cars, House, & More

By BhuraPublished on: April 15, 2024 Updated on: April 25, 2024
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Rainford Kalaba, a former Zambian professional footballer famed for his midfield prowess and remarkable leadership at TP Mazembe, boasts a net worth of $3 million. Known as one of the highest-paid Zambian footballers with an annual salary of $245,000, his financial achievements mirror his impressive career on the field.

Unfortunately, recently, Kalaba was involved in a serious car accident, sparking erroneous reports of his demise on social media. However, he is currently on the path to recovery in the Intensive Care Unit at University Teaching Hospital, showing promising signs of regaining his physical abilities. The accident reportedly occurred a few kilometers away from his house in Lusaka on Kafue road, which is between Kafwe and Lusaka. There, he resides with his wife Saviour Musonda.

His Market Value Over The Years

The chart below is a graphical representation of the market value over time for Rainford Kalaba. It shows the progression of his market value from 2010 through 2022.

Rainford Market Value
Chart Representing Kalaba’s Market Value
  • In 2010, his market value began at approximately $200,000.
  • There was a sharp increase in 2012 when his market value peaked at around 300,000.
  • By 2014, it increased further, hitting the highest point on the chart at about 550,000.
  • However, after 2014, there was a declining trend. In 2016, his value dropped slightly below 500,000.
  • The decline continued more steeply in 2018, with his value just above 400,000.
  • By 2020, his market value takes a significant dive to below 200,000.
  • Finally, in 2022, his market value saw a stark drop, placing his current market value at a point much lower than where he started in 2010.

Overall, Kalaba’s market value throughout his career had a notable peak around 2014 and a significant decline towards the end of 2022.

Rainford’s Father Laments Not Being Supported By His Rich Son: Truth Here

Rainford Kalaba Senior, whose son is a famous soccer star, is going through tough times. According to him, he’s got diabetes, and after his second wife left him, he’s had no money for his medical care, his house rent, or to look after his two daughters. Not only this but he’s in danger of being thrown out of his home because he owes four months’ rent. At 57, he’s stuck at home, sick, and without help.

Rainford Kalaba Owns A Range Rover Along With Many Other Cars
Rainford Kalaba Owns A Range Rover Along With Many Other Cars

Further, according to Mr. Kalaba Senior, he hasn’t been to the hospital lately because he can’t afford it. He’s sad about his situation, especially because his son, who has a lot of money, hasn’t been helping out as much as he hoped.

But unlike what his dad said, Rainford Jr, has a different story to tell. While he said it should be a warning to others about rushing into new marriages or not handling retirement money wisely, he stated that he has helped him multiple times financially. He reportedly provided him with the money to buy a house and two of his cars to ease his commute, but he reportedly never saw the house.

Despite the situation, Rainford revealed he has plans to visit his dad and help out more, even though he’s upset about how his dad spent his retirement money. He hopes things will get better for his father and that this tough time can be a lesson for being a better parent

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