Take Notice Of Doja Cat’s TikTok, Instagram Trauma Extending Further

By BhuraPublished on: March 11, 2024 Updated on: March 11, 2024
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After wiping her Instagram account clean, Doja Cat, the talented rapper and singer, has now taken a similar step with her TikTok account. This action comes shortly after she deactivated her Instagram, raising curiosity among her fans about the reasons behind her social media cleanse.

In a statement that has since been deleted, the 28-year-old artist shared her feelings of discomfort on Instagram, citing “f–ked up thoughts” stemming from the treatment she received on the platform. She expressed appreciation for the platform’s creative atmosphere but confessed that the negative interactions were becoming overwhelming.

“Doja Cat said she was deactivating her Instagram account because she’s been having ‘f–ked up thoughts’ due to how she’s been ‘treated’ on the app,” Pagesix revealed.

Doja's Post Announcing The Deletion Of Her Insta Account
Doja’s Post Announcing The Deletion Of Her Insta Account

The rapper urged her followers to be mindful of their words and actions online, emphasizing the importance of kindness and respect. Her decision to remove all content from her TikTok account appears to be a continuation of this stance against online negativity.

While Doja has not explicitly disclosed the specific reasons for purging her TikTok, speculations suggest that it might be linked to the same issues she faced on Instagram. This move underscores the growing concern over cyberbullying and the impact of negative interactions on mental health, especially among public figures like her. She reportedly had around 25.9 million followers on her TikTok account.

Doja's TikTok Has No Posts
Doja’s TikTok Has No Posts

As fans await further updates from the artist, her actions serve as a reminder of the importance of creating a positive and supportive online community. Cat’s decision to prioritize her mental well-being resonates with many, highlighting the need for kindness and empathy in digital spaces.

Is The Deletion Of Her Accounts A Strategic Promotion Plan For Her Upcoming Projects?

Some people are wondering if Doja’s decision to delete her social media accounts is part of a plan to get people excited about her next music projects. They think this because it’s common for celebrities to do things like this to build anticipation for what they’re working on.

But there are others who are skeptical about this idea. They point out that she still has her Twitter account, where people can be really mean sometimes. This makes them think that if she wanted to avoid negativity, she would have deleted that account too.

Looking at her recent music releases can give us some clues. She dropped a song called “Scarlet” in September 2023, and it got a lot of good reviews. Then, in 2024, she worked with 21 Savage on a track called “N.H.I.E.” This makes some people think that she might be getting ready to release another album or single soon.

However, we can’t say for sure if the deletion of her accounts is all part of a big plan. It’s possible that she deleted them for personal reasons or to take a break from social media. Until Doja Cat or her team say something about it, we can only guess about her intentions.

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