Does Michael Jackson’s Biopic ‘Michael’ Attempt to Whitewash His Sexual Misconduct Allegations?

By PrithviPublished on: June 12, 2024 Updated on: June 12, 2024
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Michael Jackson’s biopic Michael, set to release on April 18, 2025, is stirring up anticipation and controversy. Since the movie’s announcement in January 2024, the film has been building momentum with high-profile casting announcements. This ambitious project seeks to encapsulate the multifaceted life of the King of Pop.

Each press release has repeated a familiar promise: “a riveting and honest portrayal of the brilliant yet complicated man.” The film aims to explore Jackson’s “undeniable creative genius” alongside his human side and personal struggles.

Graham King, one of the acclaimed producers of the forthcoming biopic, emphasizes that this portrayal seeks to present an impartial account of the pop icon’s journey. In a statement released to Variety in March 2024, King stated,

As a filmmaker, I look to humanize but not sanitize and present the most compelling, unbiased story I can capture in a single feature film and let the audience decide how they feel after watching it. Michael clearly remains an impactful, culturally relevant artist with a life and legacy worth exploring.

King’s declaration sets a lofty goal for a film aiming to capture Jackson’s persona, intertwined with unparalleled artistic triumphs and deeply troubling allegations. His statement hints at a commitment to balance Jackson’s professional and personal aspects.

In contrast, the 2019 documentary series Leaving Neverland, directed by Dan Reed, brought to the forefront serious accusations against Jackson. Wade Robson and James Safechuck claimed that they had prolonged, inappropriate relationships with Jackson during their childhoods. The documentary has cast a significant shadow over Jackson’s legacy.

Wade-Robson-James-Safechuck who accused Jackson of Sexual abuse.
Wade and James in Leaving Neverland.

After reviewing the draft of Michael, Reed expressed strong disapproval. He described the biopic as “startlingly disingenuous,” accusing it of systematically discrediting Robson and Safechuck’s accounts and effectively whitewashing the accusations against Jackson.

For him, the film’s claim of unbiased storytelling is unconvincing, serving instead as a defense that skirts around the more contentious aspects of Jackson’s life.

He told The Times that Jackson’s estate managers, John Branca and John McClain, are aggressively defending the commercial asset that continues to generate revenue posthumously. “They are trying to make out that he was a saint, and yet he was a predatory pedophile who abused children,” said Reed.

Michael Jackson’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In 1993, an LA-based dentist Evan Chandler accused Jackson of sexually abusing his 13-year-old son, Jordan Chandler. Jackson and Jordan developed a friendship following an incident when Jackson had his car wrecked and rented a car from Jordan’s stepfather.

Jordan and the pop star grew so close that they even shared a bed. Concerned about his son’s well-being, Evan discussed the troubling circumstances with his ex-wife.

During a dental procedure where Evan was removing Jordie’s tooth, he administered Sodium Amytal, commonly known as “truth serum,” to his son. Subsequently, Evan questioned Jordie about his relationship with Jackson, which led to shocking revelations.

The investigation that followed spanned from 1993 to 1994 but was hindered by the absence of solid forensic evidence and was plagued by divergent opinions.

A controversial strip search of Jackson, prompted by a sketch from Jordan, yielded ambiguous results and sparked intense controversy. With no definitive evidence, the case remained unresolved, leaving public opinion deeply divided.

The cycle of accusations did not end there. In 2003, Gavin Arvizo‘s allegations surfaced in the aftermath of the controversial documentary, Living with Michael Jackson. The documentary depicted Jackson’s practice of hosting sleepovers with young boys, igniting public outrage.

An initial investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services found no evidence to substantiate the claims. However, the Arvizo family later alleged that they had been bribed by Jackson’s associates, leading to a high-profile trial in 2005. This trial ended with Jackson being acquitted of all charges.

The persistent allegations significantly damaged Jackson’s public image, health, and commercial viability. The impact was immediate and severe: he lost endorsement deals, most notably his long-term partnership with Pepsi.

The 2005 trial, officially referred to as People v. Jackson brought additional allegations of abuse to light; however, Jackson was ultimately cleared of all charges.

Jackson’s Nephew Set To Portray Him In His Biopic

The casting for the upcoming biopic forms a stellar ensemble that beautifully combines experienced talent with personal legacy. Colman Domingo, fresh off an Oscar nomination, brings a formidable gravitas to the role of Jackson’s stern father, Joe. Complementing him, Nia Long gracefully portrays Jackson’s mother, Katherine.

Adding to the intensity, Miles Teller steps into the shoes of John Branca, Jackson’s trusted attorney and co-executor of his estate. In a poignant casting choice, Michael’s own nephew, Jaafar Jackson, dons the mantle of the pop legend himself, adding an authentic and deeply personal dimension to the portrayal.


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On January 30, 2024, director Antoine Fuqua posted a black-and-white photo of Jaafar, showing him in a portrayal that mirrors his late uncle perfectly. His caption alongside the post read, “Thrilled to announce Jaafar Jackson as Michael — the cinematic journey that unravels the life of the man who became the King of Pop. Coming soon.

Deeply touched by the opportunity, Jaafar shared the same black-and-white image on X (formerly Twitter). He wrote, “I’m humbled and honored to bring my uncle Michael’s story to life. To all the fans all over the world, I’ll see you soon.”

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