Jean-Pierre Ferland Dies at 89, Survived by Wife, Two Children, Grandchildren

By Chakku HaruPublished on: April 29, 2024 Updated on: April 29, 2024
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Jean-Pierre Ferland, a beloved Quebec singer-songwriter whose career adorned the province’s cultural tapestry for over six decades, passed away on April 27th, 2024, at the age of 89. He died of natural causes. He spent his final weeks at CHSLD Desy in Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, within the Lanaudière region, where the artist had been admitted on February 14th.

His wife, Julie Anne Saumur, shared the news of his demise with their close friends Yvon Deschamps and Judi Richards. Mr. Deschamps recalled with Lotos Media,

Julie Anne called us to warn us. Tonight, around 7pm, we were having dinner and I felt a big blow. I said to Judi: we are having dinner and Jean-Pierre is dying. But it is better to celebrate your life than to mourn your death.

Born in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal borough, Ferland penned over 450 songs and released approximately 30 albums. His journey in music began humbly in the announcers’ office at Radio-Canada as a scheduling clerk in the late 1950s. He first gained significant attention in 1961 after winning a singing contest on the Chansons sur Mesure TV show. The following year, his song “Feuilles de gui” clinched the grand prize at the Gala International de la Chanson in Brussels.

Although the singer performed his “final concert” at the Bell Centre on January 13, 2007, marking the end of his 42-year touring career, he continued to grace the stage. He performed alongside famed artists such as Céline Dion and Ginette Reno at a concert on the Plains of Abraham in 2008 and released an album of duets and trios titled “Bijoux de famille” in September 2009.

Ferland is survived by his wife Julie, his two children, and four grandchildren.

Julie Anne Saumur Is Also A Voice in Quebec’s Music Scene

Saumur, like her celebrated late husband Ferland, also shares a passion for singing. Over the years, the occasional artist has performed in various events.

On September 9, 2015, the Municipality of Saint-Norbert in the Lanaudière region was proud to host a special tribute show in its church, celebrating Ferland’s significant contributions to the francophone music scene. Over a month later, on October 17, several artists gathered at the Church of Saint-Norbert to perform his songs. Among the performers was also his long-time partner Julie Anne Saumur, joining talents such as Mélissa Bédard, Annie Blanchard, and Ariane Brunet.

Earlier, in October 2012, Saumur had performed “Si Dieu exist” by Claude Dubois at a venue in Gatineau.

She Performed in Drama ‘The King’s Wife’ Created By Her Husband

Apart from his musical endeavors, Ferland dedicated his prolonged effort to make a musical based on the romance of English King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, a story that led to the king’s abdication. Originally titled “Mrs. Simpson,” the project was later titled “The King’s Wife.”

Jean and Julie with singer Celine Dion.
Julie with Julie and singer Celine Dion. (Image: Facebook)

In the musical drama, his partner, Julie, took on the role of Wallis Simpson and Jean portrayed King Edward VIII.

Jean and Julie’s Life Together

During their joint interview with La Semaine magazine, Ferland and his partner of over a decade, Saumur, shared insights into their relationship.

Ferland admitted, “We have a lot of fun together, but we are serious too. I must admit that I am not easy to live with. I have a very worried temperament.”

Julie also added her perspective, “I have a very strong character. I cried often, but I am able to take it. I am very nice and I do everything to avoid arguments.”

Their ability to navigate challenges with humor stands out as a cornerstone of their relationship. Julie noted, “There are always excuses that come afterward… What makes us strong together is our humor. We have fun together, we laugh a lot. Sometimes when he gets angry, I say something funny, and it changes the dynamic.”

According to her Facebook page, Saumur currently works at Chroste pour Jean-Pierre Ferland. She is from Aylmer, Quebec and went to École secondaire Grande-Rivière. She later graduated from École secondaire Grande-Rivière.

Ferland Had Two Kids and Four Grandchildren

He was the father of two children: a daughter, Julie Ferland, and a son, Bruno Ferland. Julie, a graduate of the University of Montreal, currently works as a teacher at Commission Scolaire de la Rivière-du-Nord.

Jean and his daughter Julie Ferland.
His daughter Julie as young. (Image: Facebook)

Her brother, Bruno, formerly worked at prod.bruno ferland inc.

Ferland also had four grandchildren: Édouard, Charlotte, Loïc, and Jean-Félix, as well as a great-granddaughter named Livia.

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