Portland Rapper Elan Eichler, Known as Mighty Misc, Died by Suicide: Facts About Him!

By Chakku HaruPublished on: April 30, 2024 Updated on: April 30, 2024
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Elan Eichler, known in the music industry as Mighty Misc, tragically died by suicide on April 7, 2024, in Cleveland, Ohio. He was 34 years old.

On April 21, his life was honored at the Hungry Hungry Hip-Hop showcase at Mississippi Pizza Pub’s Atlantis Lounge in Portland, an event the late artist founded 13 years earlier.

In a candid discussion with Travel Ohio magazine, Eichler shared his personal battles with mental health. He stated:

The biggest struggle I’ve faced in my entire life is with bipolar disorder, particularly with the depressive side of bipolar disorder. Making music during times of depression has been very difficult, and I’ve been forced to take breaks to focus on getting back to a good place where I can be creative.

Following his passing, fellow musicians expressed their sorrow on social media. Portland rapper Jahdi reflected on Eichler’s hidden struggles in an April 12 Facebook post:

He was an incredibly vibrant and jovial guy and it just goes to show that these types of people aren’t always happy inside. Often dealing with depression and bipolar, people mask these things with a happy exterior. Check on these people sometimes, man, because everything isn’t always what it seems.

Additionally, rapper Milc released a tribute song titled “Just One More Time” on April 26 in memory of Eichler.

He is survived by his parents, his fiancée, and other family members.

He Was The Founder of Hungry Hungry Hip-Hop

Elan was born in San Francisco, California, but he and his family relocated to Portland, Oregon, in 1992. His passion for music was evident from an early age, making a memorable appearance on local television at just five years old, where he candidly expressed the hopes and challenges of his first day at kindergarten.

During his middle school years, Elan’s talent as a rapper began to open doors within Portland’s vibrant hip-hop community. By the age of thirteen, he had adopted the stage name Mighty Misc and started performing at Ethos.

His high school years saw him collaborate with the group State of Mind, and by college, he had formed The Hungry Emcees, which quickly amassed a loyal fan base. It was during this time that Elan initiated the monthly showcase Hungry Hungry Hip-Hop, an event that endures to this day.

In his late teens and twenties, Elan pursued a higher calling in service. He dedicated himself to mentoring and social work after his master’s degree in social work from Simmons University. He previously graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and Psychology from Portland State University in 2013.

Since May 2023, he had been working as an academic advisor at Cleveland State University.

His Parents Currently Live in Portland

Eichler was born to Daniel and Karen Oster Eichler. His mother, Karen, currently works as a library assistant at the Multnomah County Library. She is an alumna of Bowling Green High School.

Eichler dad Daniel
With his dad. (Image: Facebook)

Daniel, Elan’s dad, is an event booker at Mississippi Pizza Pub, a role he took after years of experience at Borders Books and Music. He studied film at San Francisco State University.

He Was Engaged to His Fiancee Dakotah Kennedy

Dakotah first met Elan at the age of eleven during an improv class at Northwest Children’s Theater. Throughout high school, they were acquaintances, Dakotah fondly remembering him as “that kid I had a crush on at summer camp.” Their paths crossed occasionally, most notably at a performance by Elan’s band, State of Mind, where Kennedy kept a CD that would hold significance for years to come.

Eichler and his partner Dakotah.
Elan and Dakotah. (Image: Facebook)

They continued their sporadic encounters into adulthood too. Both had attended Portland State University and took the same juvenile justice course a semester apart. Later, Kennedy also began attending Elan’s event series, Hungry Hungry Hip Hop.

Eventually, their relationship officially began in 2014, sparked by what Elan hoped would be a date when he returned from Michigan. It was during this time that Dakotah whimsically wished for love, only to find her life closely connected with Eichler’s soon after.

Elan and his fiancee.
(Image: Facebook)

For nearly a decade, they shared passions for music, movies, comics, and more, moving through three cities and raising their beloved dog, Hachi.

The two got engaged at MoTown Studio A, a milestone Kennedy describes vividly in her tributes:

As many of you know, we were recently engaged at MoTown Studio A. It was a dream come true and while a stand out moment in our story, that really was just being in a loving relationship with Elan. No one has ever supported me or loved me the way that elan has and my world will be forever dimmer without him in it.

Kennedy is a reporter at Signal Cleveland.

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