Baby Kia Talks About His Dating Preferences, Would Like To Date A Chiropractor

By BhuraPublished on: May 20, 2024 Updated on: May 20, 2024
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In a March 2024 candid podcast interview with No Jumper, the rising hip-hop sensation Baby Kia opened up about his personal life, revealing his unique approach to dating and what he looks for in a girlfriend. Unlike many in his industry, his focus isn’t on the glitz and glamour often associated with the lifestyle of a rapper. Instead, he seeks deeper, more genuine connections.

Baby expressed a desire for authenticity in his relationships, particularly emphasizing that fame isn’t a factor in his interactions. Answering to the question about whether he is using his fame to impress people, especially females, he said,

“I talk to people I never thought I’d meet. It’s not about fame for me; it’s about genuine connections. I’m not trying to use my rapper status to impress anyone,”

When it comes to looking for someone special, he knows exactly what he wants: “I’d like someone who’s into something serious, like studying to be a chiropractor—someone smart, who’s not all about the nightlife.” His specific mention of dating someone in the medical field, like a chiropractor, highlights his longing for a partner whose life is grounded in helping others and one who leads a balanced life away from the often chaotic entertainment scene.

Furthermore, Baby shared that he has no interest in dating within the music industry. When asked if he is open to dating within the industry, he said,

“No, that’s not for me. It complicates things too much. I prefer keeping my personal life and music separate.”.

Further, the rapper also touched upon the modern trend of cosmetic enhancements and how Atlanta is filled with BBL queens to fashion icons. But he clearly mentioned his distaste for artificiality in potential partners. He’s clear about seeking authenticity and depth:

“If there’s a real one out there, why settle for fake? Even if they look good, it’s not something I want.”

Well, as he navigates his rising fame, Kia stands out not just for his distinctive musical style but also for his mature outlook on relationships and potential future partner. In an era where celebrity relationships often make headlines for their spectacle rather than substance, his approach is a breath of fresh air.

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