Lynn Markworth’s Struggles After Her Mother, Betty Sue Lynn’s Tragic Demise

By AlishPublished on: July 10, 2024 Updated on: July 10, 2024
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Lynn Markworth, known to many as Loretta Lynn Massey, was named after her famous grandmother, Loretta Lynn. She has faced more than her share of hardships.

The eldest daughter of the late Betty Sue Lynn recently made headlines when a Silver Alert was issued on August 26, 2023, after she went missing from Rutherford County. The community breathed a sigh of relief when she was found safe two days later.

But Lynn’s challenges go far beyond this incident. She battles dementia, multiple sclerosis, and epileptic seizures—ailments that have made it impossible for her to maintain steady work and led to homelessness after her financial support was cut off. In 2015, she suffered a severe epileptic seizure and collapsed in a motel parking lot, prompting an emergency hospital visit.

Her son, Zach Massey, has been candid about their financial struggles. He recalled reaching out to his great-grandmother, Loretta, and her daughter Patsy, who manages Loretta’s finances.

They weren’t going to pay any more bills for my mother,” Zach revealed, sharing the frustration and helplessness he felt. “She even refused to help pay for diapers for my mom, who’s incontinent!

She Has Lived In Tennessee Her Whole Life

Born in Waverly, Tennessee, to Betty and Jack Lee Shreeve, Lynn had two siblings: Audrey Dyer, and Jackie Lee Shreeve. Tragically, Jackie Lee passed away shortly after his birth.

Lynn and her sister Audrey were raised with the tender care and support of their mother. She attended Waverly Central High School, where she and Audrey spent their formative years.

Lynn Markworth posing for a photograph on a chair
Lynn has lived in Tennessee her whole life.

Additionally, Lynn, who is of Cherokee ancestry on her mother’s side, currently resides in Johnsonville, Tennessee. She has two Facebook accounts under her name, with the latest update on April 3, 2020, where she mentioned living with her sister.

Interestingly, Audrey’s Facebook account has also been renamed to Loretta Lynn Massey for some reason, though her pictures and other details remain unchanged. Given Lynn’s recent health condition, she likely does not use Facebook much.

She Raised Three Amazing Children

Lynn is married to Bob Massey, and together they have three children: Shane, Joshua, and Zachary Massey. Shane works as a server at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. In 2015, Zach was a fast-food restaurant manager. All of her children now have families of their own, including a granddaughter named Chyanne Massey.

The current relationship status between Bob and Lynn remains ambiguous, with Bob maintaining a closer relationship with their grandchildren than Lynn does. Recently, Bob helped Chyanne paint Coal Miner’s Daughter on her parking lot—a tribute to one of Loretta Lynn’s most famous songs.

“Looks awesome,” a user commented, “My grandpa and I did this together,” Chyane replied.

As Lynn’s health continues to deteriorate, it is hoped that she will receive the support she needs from her family during this challenging time.

Lynn Markworth’s Mother Passed Away In 2013

The 59-year-old’s life has been deeply intertwined with her family’s legacy. Her mother, Betty, owned and operated the Lynn Family Flea Market in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Betty passed away in 2013
Betty dancing with a man.

Unfortunately, she passed away on July 29, 2013, from complications related to emphysema. With her husband and son preceding her in death, Lynn and Audrey are her only surviving children.

Loretta was deeply saddened by her daughter’s passing. “No parents should ever have to bury a child,” Loretta shared, reflecting on the profound grief of losing her daughter. She added,

It felt like part of my heart died when she left us. I hated seeing her sick, but I didn’t want to let her go. She was more than a daughter; she was a best friend. (sic)

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