Loren Allred’s Husband; Is She Married? Her Life Beyond Music

Loren Allred is not married and she has no plans to tie the knot anytime soon.

By BhuraPublished on: March 18, 2024 Updated on: April 4, 2024
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Loren Allred, born on September 7, 1989, is a well-known American singer who first gained major attention for her stunning performance of “Never Enough” from the hit musical The Greatest Showman. This song not only made it to the Billboard Hot 100 but also earned platinum status, showcasing her incredible vocal talent.

Her journey didn’t stop there; she continued to impress the music world by collaborating with famous artists. She sang alongside Michael Bublé on his album Love, performing a heartfelt rendition of “Help Me Make It Through the Night.” She also teamed up with the renowned composer David Foster for his PBS concert special and album, An Intimate Evening.

In 2021, Allred took a significant step in her career by releasing her debut EP, Late Bloomer, on September 24, marking her growing presence in the music industry. This introduction into Loren Allred’s career highlights her remarkable achievements and her journey in the music world.

Well, what about her love life; is Loren Allred married? Find out in detail here.

Rumors Of Loren Allred’s Husband Is Hoax

A lot of people are curious about Loren’s personal life, especially about whether she’s married. The truth is, as of 2024, she is not married. She’s 34 years old and, despite various rumors, it looks like she’s not planning on walking down the aisle any time soon. Of course, her fans are eager to see her happy and would love to see her with the perfect partner someday.

When it comes to the singer’s love life, she’s been pretty good at keeping things private. It’s not clear whether she’s dating someone right now. Some sources suggest that she’s single, but there’s been no official word to confirm or deny these rumors. This secrecy has only fueled more speculation among her followers.

Looking into her past, Loren has been equally secretive about any previous relationships & boyfriends. There’s no available information about her past love affairs, and she doesn’t give away any hints on her social media accounts. Everyone’s hoping that she might share a bit more about her romantic life in the future, but for now, whether she is single or taken remains a mystery.

Her Parents Hugely Influenced Her Music

Born into a family deeply rooted in music, Loren’s journey was influenced significantly by her parents. Her father, Brady R. Allred, is not just a musical artist but also a respected director, known for his work with the Pittsburgh Bach Choir and as the conductor of the Salt Lake Choral Artists. Likewise, her mother, Carol Ann Allred, was a classical soprano and voice teacher who performed on stage even during her pregnancy with Loren.


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Family Lineage and Siblings

The Allred family originates from Lancashire, England, that traces back to Solomon. She is not an only child but one of four siblings – with her three younger siblings being Megan, Brennan, and Karin. While Loren pursued music, following in the footsteps of her parents, her siblings chose different paths. Despite their diverse interests, her siblings share a close bond, often seen supporting each other.

Loren With Her Parents & Siblings
The Allred Family

She Is A Mix Of Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry

Loren Allred’s heritage is as diverse as her vocal range. She boasts a mixed ethnicity that includes Ashkenazi Jewish, Swedish, Scottish, German, Danish, Norwegian, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish roots. This vibrant blend is further enriched by distant relations to Dutch, Austrian, French, and Jersey Channel Islanders.

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