James Taylor’s Twins, Henry and Rufus’ Surrogate Mother Was a Family Friend

By Chakku HaruPublished on: May 2, 2024 Updated on: May 3, 2024
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American singer-songwriter James Taylor, 76, known for hits like “Fire and Rain” and “You’ve Got a Friend,” has a past deeply affected by 20 years of struggles with drugs and alcohol. In a 2009 interview with Oprah, Taylor shared his appreciation for his family and sobriety, saying, “I am most grateful for my marriage and my sobriety, my recovery.”

When asked what lesson he wanted to pass on to his children, he replied, “Stay open, stay open, stay receptive, stay ready for things to go.”

James is the father of twins Henry and Rufus Taylor with his current wife Caroline Smedvig, 70. He also has two older children, Sarah Maria “Sally” Taylor, born on January 7, 1974, and Benjamin Simon “Ben” Taylor, born on January 22, 1977, from his first marriage to singer Carly Simon.

The Twins Were Born Through Surrogacy

Taylor and his wife Caroline, a publicist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, welcomed twins Henry and Rufus on April 5, 2001, in Lenox, Massachusetts. At first, the babies were named Taylor Twin No. 1 and Taylor Twin No. 2 as their parents took time to choose their names.

The Taylor family.
James, Henry, Rufus, and Caroline. (Image: Facebook)

At the time of their birth, Paul Freundlich, Taylor’s spokesman, stated to DesertNews, “The babies were born healthy, and everybody is healthy and happy.” The first twin weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and the second weighed 6 pounds.

They were delivered by a surrogate mother, a family friend who underwent in vitro fertilization the year before their birth.

At the time of her pregnancy, a source close to the Taylor family said, “[They] are absolutely thrilled, and James is just beside himself with excitement.”

James and Caroline married on February 18, 2001.

Henry with his father James.
(Image: Instagram)

Henry Taylor Continues His Father’s Legacy

Over the years, Henry has frequently shared the stage with his father, James, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Notably, in December 2021, James uploaded a video to his official YouTube channel where he and Henry performed “You Can Close Your Eyes” together. This event, part of a musical program at the Honda Center in Anaheim in October of the same year, amassed massive views on YouTube.

The video has since surpassed 2.6 million views.

A fan commented on the video, “Just beautiful. The harmonizing gave me the chills. What great memories for father and son playing together. Magical moment.” Another fan expressed, “When people who are biologically related sing together, there is a magic undefined by words. This performance: Yes, yes, and still again yes!”

During the pandemic in May 2020, they also performed “Moon River” from home for their virtual appearance on The Voice, which has nearly reached 300k views on YouTube.

In an interview with The Music Man in November 2023, Henry recounted their time during the pandemic, “We were stuck in Montana for much of the pandemic with not much to do besides music. Dad taught me his techniques for fingering, songwriting, and vocal warm-ups.”

In September 2021, Henry started touring with his father as a backing vocalist. On becoming a full member of his dad’s band, he said, “I have literally known this band all my life. There’s one photo where Arnold (McCuller) is holding me at 3 months old.”

He also shared his excitement and slight nervousness about his role, “I am excited to be doing what I love most. I do feel pressure, but I’m hoping the singers will put up with me and continue to teach me as they have so graciously in the past.”

James and Henry have continued to perform their favorite “Close Your Eyes” at various events, including the MGM Music Hall at Fenway in late 2023 and the PPL Center in Allentown, PA, on June 27, 2022.

Taylor with Henry and Caroline.
(Image: Facebook)

Rufus Taylor Is a College Student

James and Kim’s son, Rufus, is currently a student at Amherst College, with his graduation scheduled for 2024. He and his twin brother, Henry, both attended Milton Academy, the same school their father went to. At Milton, Henry was the head of the school’s male a cappella group and played jazz guitar.

They later attended Berkshire Country Day School and graduated from high school in 2020. Despite the circumstances of COVID-19 that year, their father, James, celebrated the occasion with a Facebook post. He wrote:

Congratulations, class of 2020! The twins’ high school graduation might not have been quite the same as for previous classes, but the Taylors celebrated nonetheless.

James Taylor, Henry, Rufus, and Caroline.
(Image: Facebook)

Like his brother, Rufus is interested in music and a fan of musical theater.

He has also developed a passion for travel and has already explored various destinations around the world, capturing moments from Montana, France, and South Africa.


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Additionally, Rufus enjoys baking, often sharing his culinary creations and homemade focaccia on social media.


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The Taylor twins share a deep bond with each other. In April 2018, Rufus took to Instagram to celebrate his twin’s birthday with a message:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY!!!! I just wanted to wish my favorite brother and oldest friend a happy birthday. We’ve been through highs (diving in Florida) and lows (you were friends with Haiden), I will always love you. May you have an incredible rest of your day, Rufus.

On their 18th birthday, their father, James, also posted another affectionate message on his Facebook, expressing his pride and love:

“Happy 18th Birthday to our Henry and Rufus. A minute ago you were our babies and now grown men. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments and kind hearts. ~ Kim and James.”

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