Pharrell Chats with Fast Company About Rush Limbaugh, Daft Punk and More

By BhuraPublished on: February 29, 2024 Updated on: February 29, 2024
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In an intimate conversation held at Del Posto in New York, the multifaceted artist, renowned for his prowess as a recording artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and master collaborator, engaged in a candid dialogue with Fast Company Editorial Director, Digital Tyler Gray. Their discourse delved into the intricate layers of the artist’s creative process and the profound significance of the choices he makes across various domains.

Among the highlights of the conversation was the artist’s revelation about a poignant moment involving Madonna, where his artistry evoked genuine emotion from the pop icon, leading to a powerful exchange. Additionally, the artist reflected on a thought-provoking encounter with conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, which prompted him to contemplate the concept of sustainability in a new light.

Furthermore, attendees were treated to an insider’s perspective on the acclaimed collaboration between the artist and electronic music duo Daft Punk on the chart-topping hit “Get Lucky,” uncovering the behind-the-scenes narrative and the creative synergy that fueled the collaborative process. Overall, the conversation provided invaluable insights into the artist’s creative ethos and the profound impact of his collaborations across diverse spheres of influence.

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