OVO Producer Mike Zombie Chats With Fans About Drake’s Style, Advice from 40

By AdamPublished on: February 29, 2024 Updated on: February 29, 2024
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Pretty cool. Producer Mike Zombie – who just recently signed with Drake’s OVO label – hopped on an internet forum to chat directly with fans. Click below for a summary of the Q&A session:

How does it feel to be signed to OVO Records?

Surreal.. Only Word I Can Think Of..

How did Drake hear of you?

My Mans Hollow Da Don.. I Made Beats For Him And He Passed The Word To Drizzy..

Was Drake’s approach to you similar to Lil Wayne’s phone call to him?

Yup.. I Never Related To “Look What You’ve Done” So Much.. Shit’s Crazy..

Do you fuck with The Weeknd’s music?

HEAVY.. (Interesting response for those who believe in an OVO/XO beef)

Have other rappers hit you up for production since signing the OVO deal?

Lolz.. Just Local Ones..

Who do you consider to be your influences?

Jahlil Beats, Ye, Cardiak, Swizz, Dre, 40, 1da, T-Minus, Just Blaze So Many..

What’s your all time favourite Drake Song?

That’s Tough.. It’s Between, Lord Knows, UGK, We’ll Be Fine And 9 A.M. In Dallas..

What do you think of the new Drake / Nickleus F track?

Love That Jawn.. That “Laid Back Fuckin Wit Shisha” Bar.. Smh..

Have you met ’40′ yet?

Yeah.. Man.. THAT IS A COOL DUDE.. Super Down To Earth Like The Rest Of The Team.. Pulled Me Aside To Give Me Advice.. It Was Surreal.. He’s One Of The Greatest And One Of My Favorites..

What type of advice did ’40′ give you?

Stay Focused, Keep Your Sound, Do You And Pick Up An Instrument..

What have you been listening to lately?

Kendrick Lamar Is In My Car RIGHT NOW.. Classic Album.. Best Of Last Year..

How did you get into music production?

I Simply Loved Beats.. I ONLY Started Rapping Cuz People Wasn’t Using My Beats..

Any tips for an aspiring producer?

You Gotta Spend COUNTLESS Hours Perfecting Your Craft And Keeping Your Eye On The Prize.. I’d Never Think In A Million Years I’d Be With OVO, So That Should Let Everybody Know That Dreams Are As Real As You Makem And Most Importantly Network As Much As Possible..

What’s your favorite track of your own creation?

My LAST Mixtape GimmieThatBeatFool3 People Haven’t Heard But Go Off Other Earlier Stuff They’ve Heard.. It’s On Datpiff.com

And lastly, a comment on Drake’s upcoming style.

Iight. Since Yall Obviously Not Gonna Stop Asking Me About Drakes Music Imma Just Tell Yall That It’s Everything Yall Want It To Be And Everything You’re Not Expecting.. He’s At Another Level And Y’all Are Gonna Love It.