Is Mona Kattan’s Muslim? Her Views On Religion?

By BhuraPublished on: March 3, 2024 Updated on: March 3, 2024
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Mona Kattan is a practicing Muslim and is very passionate about her religion. Born in a religious family to parents Ibrahim Kattan & Susu Al Qazzaz, she has been a believer in her religion since a kid.

Meet Mona, the powerhouse behind Huda Beauty, one of the most exciting brands in the makeup world. Alongside her siblings Huda and Alya, Mona co-founded Huda Beauty, starting with just faux eyelashes and growing it into a billion-dollar empire. With her keen eye for innovation, she has led the company to create groundbreaking products like body foundation and lip contouring pencils, all loved by beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

As the Global President, Mona drives the brand’s strategy and continues to push boundaries with new ideas. She’s not just about makeup though; she also introduced the fragrance line KAYALI, showcasing her creativity beyond cosmetics. With over 2.2 million Instagram followers, her vibrant personality and inspiring content have captivated audiences globally. From appearing on magazine covers to leading from Dubai, Kattan is a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry.

Mona Kattan’s Is Muslim In Terms Of Religion

Mona Kattan’s faith is a central part of her identity. Raised in a Muslim family with her father Ibrahim Kattan and mother Susu Al Qazzaz, Mona’s beliefs have been ingrained in her from a young age.

Despite being born in Oklahoma, she has remained deeply connected to her roots and heritage. Now residing in Dubai, Mona continues to practice her faith strictly, finding strength and guidance in her religion.

Mona Kattan In a Beautiful Dress
Mona Kattan In a Beautiful Dress

Her commitment to Islam is reflected in her lifestyle and values. From her dedication to prayer and fasting during Ramadan to her modest dress, her faith influences every aspect of her life. Despite her global success in the beauty industry, she remains grounded in her religious beliefs, finding comfort and solace in her spiritual journey. Kattan’s unwavering commitment to her faith is a testament to the importance of religion in shaping her character and worldview.

Mona’s Ethnicity & Cultural Background

Mona Kattan’s background reflects a mix of cultures. She was born in Oklahoma to Iraqi parents, blending Middle Eastern and American heritage. Growing up in Tennessee and Massachusetts, she experienced diverse perspectives.

Moving to Dubai in 2002 strengthened her ties to Iraq and immersed her in UAE culture. Despite her travels, Mona’s ethnicity remains integral to her identity, shaping her outlook on life.

Mona Kattan Short Bio

Born and raised in the USA on May 8, 1985, Mona’s journey to success began with winning the Little Miss Tennessee pageant before earning a finance degree from The American University of Sharjah. Prior to delving into the beauty industry, Mona worked as a banker and later became a managing partner at Mastermind PR.

In January 2012, Mona expanded her entrepreneurial ventures by becoming the co-founder and managing partner of The Dollhouse, a full-service beauty salon. Her knack for business and marketing propelled her into the spotlight as one of Dubai’s most influential businesswomen, earning her recognition as an ambassador for MyDubai.

Mona Kattan With Her Husband Hassan
Mona Kattan With Her Husband Hassan

Mona’s influence extends beyond the business realm, as she cultivated a massive following on TikTok under the username monakattan, amassing over 600,000 followers. Alongside her professional accomplishments, she prioritizes family, sharing a close bond with her sisters Huda, Alya, and Halida, as well as her brother Khalid. She also holds a special place in the heart of her brother-in-law, Christopher Goncalo, who married her sister Huda.

In 2020, Forbes Middle East estimated Mona and Huda’s net worth at $510 million, solidifying their status as industry moguls. Her personal life flourished as well, as she tied the knot with Hassan Elamin, a Dubai-based entrepreneur, in a heartfelt ceremony on February 22, 2022. Hassan’s touching Instagram tribute to Mona on their first anniversary highlights the depth of their love and companionship.

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