Where’s Baxter Hosley’s Parents & Girlfriend After His Death?

By BhuraPublished on: March 13, 2024 Updated on: March 14, 2024
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Baxter Hosley’s parents along with his girlfriend are left behind mourning the huge loss. Hosley who had already amassed a huge following across social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube died on March 12, in a tragic accident.

Baxter, a popular Instagram influencer, YouTuber, and TikTok fitness enthusiast gained fame for his candid fitness content. Starting his fitness journey in July 2021, he quickly amassed a following with his honest product reviews and workout routines.

In a viral TikTok video titled “Things I regret buying when I first started the gym,” he advised against seeking quick results and emphasized a steady transformation process. He was also known as the brand ambassador for EKKOVISION, earned money through product reviews, merchandise, and motivational content.

His fitness approach inspired thousands on social media, including Antonie Lokhorst Hosley, who shared his weight loss journey. Standing at five feet and ten inches tall and weighing 220 lbs, Hosley possessed an impressive physique with toned muscles and broad shoulders.

Baxter Hosley & His Mother Celebrated His 300k Milestone Together

Back in January 13, 2023, Baxter and his mom shared a special moment as he reached 300k followers on TikTok, coinciding with his birthday. In photos shared on Instagram, Baxter posed with his mom holding a cardboard sign with “300k” written on it in the background.

Bax's 300k Celebration With His Mother
300k on TikTok

He expressed gratitude in a heartfelt message, saying, “We hit 300k on TikTok and turned 21 the next day, back to back like we Jordan fr bru.” Baxter reflected on his journey, recalling a time when he was juggling two jobs, attending college, and feeling depressed. Now, he wakes up every day privileged to create content for his followers.

He thanked his supporters for putting him in this position and pledged to keep striving for new heights and milestones. Further, he conveyed optimism for the future, expressing,

“I got a good feeling about this one 👹 #bozo4L.”

This celebration marked a significant achievement for Baxter and his mom, symbolizing their journey together and the support of his growing community.

His Dad Has Also Been Part of His YouTube Journey

Baxter’s dad has played a big role in his YouTube journey, appearing in his videos and offering constant support. In July 2022, he celebrated hitting 5000 subscribers by including his dad in a video.

Baxter With His Father
Baxter Visits His Dad’s House

He shares a strong bond with both his parents, but his dad has been particularly involved in his online endeavors. Their relationship reflects a supportive family dynamic, contributing to Baxter’s success and creating memorable moments for his audience.

Q&A Session With His Girlfriend Brodie

Baxter’s girlfriend, Brodie, is a key part of his life and fitness journey. Allegedly dating since 2021, they share a passion for fitness and frequently hit the gym together.

Brodie has made appearances in several of Baxter’s videos, showcasing their shared interests. In a Q&A session, they offer insights into their relationship, revealing their compatibility and mutual support. Check out this Q&A video to know her better.

How Did Baxter Hosley Die?

Popular TikToker and fitness instructor Baxter tragically passed away in a car accident in Houston. He was accompanied by fellow TikToker Thievin, also 22, at the time of the crash.

The details surrounding the accident are still limited, but reports confirm that both Baxter and Thievin lost their lives in the tragic event. Ekkovision, a supplements company they both collaborated with, confirmed the news on their TikTok page and requested prayers for the families involved.

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