Yumi Garcia Parents Andre And Sandra Gracia Are Still Together

By BhuraPublished on: March 3, 2024 Updated on: March 3, 2024
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Filipino actress and Youtuber Yumi Garcia’s parents, Father Andre Garcia and mother Sandra Gracia have been together for years. As a couple, they share a beautiful relationship and have also supported their daughter Yumi throughout her career.

Yumi is a social media sensation, YouTube star, and video game streamer renowned for her captivating lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok. With over 4.7 million followers on her iamyumigarcia account, she has amassed a devoted fanbase drawn to her energetic performances and unique style.

Before gaining fame, Yumi launched her YouTube channel named Yumi Garcia, on October 22, 2018, setting the stage for her online presence. Her vibrant personality and dynamic content quickly garnered attention, propelling her to stardom in the world of social media.

With her ever-changing hair colors and distinct fashion sense, she stands out in the digital landscape, captivating audiences with her creativity and authenticity. Despite her online success, the Marita actress remains grounded and connected to her fans, sharing snippets of her personal life and experiences.

In 2021, Yumi shared a heartfelt YouTube video about the passing of her beloved dog, Dina, showcasing her genuine vulnerability and connection with her audience. She is not only an entertainer but also a relatable figure who shares both the highs and lows of her journey.

Her influence extends beyond TikTok, as she channels her passion for dance into creating engaging content, including a popular TikTok set to the hit single “Out West” by Travis Scott and Young Thug. With her magnetic presence and boundless creativity, Garcia continues to leave a lasting impression on the digital landscape.

Yumi Garcia’s Parents Are From Different Part Of The World

Her family is a wonderful mix of cultures, thanks to her parents, Andre Garcia and Sandra Gracia. Her mom, from Japan, brings the traditions and customs of the Land of the Rising Sun into their home. Yumi probably grew up experiencing Japanese cooking, and celebrations, and maybe even learned a bit of the language.

Yumi Garcia Has Received Great Genes From Her Parents
Yumi Garcia Has Received Great Genes

On the other hand, Yumi’s dad, originally from Mexico, introduced her to the vibrant culture of Mexico—think tacos, mariachi music, and lively gatherings. Growing up, she enjoyed the best of both worlds, with a diverse and exciting upbringing filled with love, acceptance, and a blend of traditions.

This fusion of Japanese and Mexican influences likely shaped her unique perspective, allowing her to appreciate the richness of her heritage as she journeys through life.

Yumi Garcia’s Mexican Father, Andre Garcia, Is Very Close to Her

Meet Andre Garcia, the loving father of Yumi. Hailing from Mexico, Andre is a kind-hearted and hardworking man who brings warmth and joy to Yumi’s life. He shares the beauty of Mexican traditions with his daughter, introducing her to the delicious flavors of Mexican cuisine, like tacos and tamales.

Andre is not just a father but also an inspiration to Yumi, showcasing determination and resilience in all aspects of life. They share a strong bond, with Andre likely sharing stories about his life experiences and adventures, further strengthening their connection.


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Despite her celebrity status, Andre remains an important figure in her life, offering fatherly advice and sharing precious moments together. However, to protect his privacy, he prefers to stay away from the limelight, avoiding unnecessary exposure in the media.

Their close relationship reflects the special bond between father and daughter, enriching their lives with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

Meet Yumi’s Mother Sandra Garcia: She Is A Housewife

Sandra Garcia, YouTuber Yumi’s loving mother, hails from Japan and adds elegance and cultural richness to their family. As a devoted housewife, she enjoys preparing food for her children and husband, creating a warm and nurturing environment at home.

Coming from a Japanese background, Sandra shares her traditions with her actress daughter, including tea ceremonies and the beauty of cherry blossoms. She embodies care and understanding, instilling values of respect, harmony, and appreciation for nature in her daughter.

Sandra’s graceful demeanor plays a crucial role in shaping Yumi’s character, fostering a harmonious blend of Japanese and Mexican influences within the family. Through her loving presence and dedication to her family, Sandra creates a loving and supportive atmosphere that enriches Yumi’s life.

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