Who’s Burgess Meredith’s Daughter Tala Meredith? Interesting Facts

By BhuraPublished on: March 25, 2024 Updated on: March 25, 2024
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Tala Meredith is the daughter of the late actor, Burgess Meredith, from the fame of the Rocky franchise, The Twilight Zone, Winterset, Of Mice and Men, and The Story of G.I. Joe. Tala is a painter by profession, however, she has no big profile of her own, unlike her late father. In fact, none of Burgess’ family members have been in the spotlight since the actor’s passing in 1997.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss important facts about her life.

Tala Meredith Was Born In The 50s

She was born in 1953 and is one of the two children of Burgess and Kaja. Her paternal grandmother Ida Beth (nee Burgess) came from a long line of Methodist revivalists. Her grandfather Dr. William George Meredith (1861 – 1938) was a Canadian-born physician of English descent.

Tala Meredith & Her Dad Burgess Meredith in May 1985
Tala Meredith & Her Dad Burgess Meredith in May 1985

Talking about her ethnicity, she is a mix of English, Welsh, German, and Swedish ancestry. Her paternal grandparents were mostly from Ontario, Canada.

Her Mother Was A Swedish Ballerina

Kaja Sundsten Meredith was a former Swedish ballerina. Married as the fourth wife of Burgess, she danced in the New York City Ballet and performed on Broadway.

She reportedly met Burgess when his marriage to Paulette Goddard (one of his exes) was coming to an end. The former duo married in 1950 and were together until he died in 1997. Talking about Kaja, she died on March 26, 2018, in Northern California.

Tala’s Relationship Status

It is unclear whether or not Tala is married. Similar to her other personal prologs, this stage of her life is also a big brain teaser. Nonetheless considering she is in her 70s, she very well may be in a marital relationship.

Tala In Her Late 20s
Tala In Her Late 20s

If not that, the WWII veteran’s daughter certainly may have had a partner or two during her lifetime. However, she is among the group of celebrity relatives whose lives have been a myriad of mysteries. Unlike her father, she didn’t choose to be in the media frenzy. Resultantly, to the masses, Tala has been nothing but a veteran’s daughter.

She Leads An Ordinary Life In California

The poser also persists regarding Tala’s current whereabouts. As mentioned, after her dad’s death, she cemented her life as a normal people than an heir to some Hollywood actor. She though has been reported as a painter by multiple sources.

Some sources suggest Tala currently resides in Port Hueneme, California. Apparently, over the years, the late actor’s daughter has been in places including Borrego Springs, Oxnard, and Nevada City.

Meredith Is Said To Have Inherited Her Father’s Wealth

While Burgess didn’t have much at the time of his death in comparison to other Hollywood names, he was still a millionaire and rich by several standards. However, it is unknown what exactly happened to his wealth. Burgess’ survivors never published the will of the late Rocky actor.

So, did Tala receive any fortune from her father? She could have. There wasn’t any news of bad blood between the father and the daughter. But it is still a mystery if Tala did receive any money from her late father’s estates.

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