Who is Zoe Perry’s Husband Gab Taraboulsy? Their Marriage

Zoe Perry and Gab Taraboulsy got married in Italy in 2022

By AtticusPublished on: April 23, 2024 Updated on: April 28, 2024
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Zoe Perry, known for her role as the loving and occasionally overwrought mother, Mary Cooper, on the popular CBS sitcom Young Sheldon, portrays a character who juggles the complexities of raising a genius son along with his two siblings. On-screen, her life is an open book, filled with the challenges and charms of motherhood. Yet, despite her convincing portrayal of a mother of three, Perry does not have children of her own.

Off the camera, Perry remains an enigma, skillfully keeping her personal life away from the prying eyes of the public and media. Unlike her character Mary, who is deeply embedded in the community and family life, Perry chooses a path of privacy, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. She is notably absent from social media platforms, and her interviews are often strictly professional, scarcely offering any glimpses into her romantic relationships.

This secrecy has only fueled curiosity about her personal life. Questions about whether she mirrors her character’s nurturing traits in her own relationships, or if she keeps her love life as meticulously private as her public persona suggests, remain unanswered. Her decision to remain low-key about her romantic endeavors poses an interesting juxtaposition to the openness expected of celebrities in today’s digital age.

As fans continue to adore her portrayal of Mary Cooper, the intrigue surrounding her own marital status or romantic involvements grows. While she excels at bringing warmth and vulnerability to her on-screen family dynamics, the details of her own love life remain behind closed doors, leaving fans and followers to wonder about the real-life romantic narrative of one of television’s most beloved mothers.

Worry not, we’ve gathered all the information you need about her love life right here.

Zoe Perry Is Happily Married To Gab Taraboulsy

The Young Sheldon star, Zoe Perry, has been married to producer and director Gab Taraboulsy since 2022. Both Perry and Gab have kept their relationship private, with only a few details about their personal life available to the public. The couple exchanged vows in a scenic ceremony at Borgia Castle in Tuscany, Italy, a detail revealed through social media posts by their friends.

In May 2022, Perry’s sister, Mae Roth, uploaded several photos on Instagram that featured Perry, Gab, and other family members at what appeared to be the couple’s wedding, with comments congratulating the bride and groom.

Adding to the intrigue, in July 2022, screenwriter Roberto Bentivegna posted a snapshot from the wedding on Instagram, further confirming the details of their nuptials while creating confusion about the precise timeline. Nevertheless, we can confirm Perry and Gab tied the knot in 2022.

Zoe Perry and Gab Taraboulsy got married in 2022
Zoe and Gab Taraboulsy got married in 2022

Apart from these glimpses, Perry and Gab remain very private about their personal affairs. They have not disclosed when they started dating, and images of the couple together, aside from the wedding photos shared by friends, are rare.

The two have been married for around two years, but they haven’t yet thought of having children. Now, the famous show, Young Sheldon is ending and the filming has already ended, Perry would get enough time to think about kids. So, who knows we might hear the good news soon.

Who is Perry’s Husband Gab?

Gab Taraboulsy was born on August 20, 1981, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Deeply passionate about the culinary world, he has made a significant impact through his work as a director and as the co-owner of Delicious Cinema. Gab has spent his career uncovering fascinating stories from kitchens and restaurants around the globe.

Gab studied Cinema and Communications at Dawson College from 1998 to 2000. He continued his studies at Concordia University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies in 2003. Gab further honed his skills at La Fémis in 2008, focusing on producing, and later achieved an MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University in 2009.

In his professional life, Gab has undertaken various significant roles. He worked in creative development at Whalerock Industries and supervised the production of The Kardashians at Fulwell 73 Productions.

His most influential projects were with Tastemade, where from 2014 to 2017, he produced and directed original series like The Grill Iron and Heritage. These series allowed him to delve into the culinary world.

Gab Taraboulsy, producer and director who is also known as the husband of actress Zoe Perry
Gab Taraboulsy, producer and director who is also known as the husband of actress Zoe Perry

Gab’s work has not only been popular but also critically acclaimed, earning him a James Beard Award nomination and a Webby Award for Best Documentary Series. Despite his success, Gab maintains a low profile off-camera, focusing more on his projects than on personal fame.

Gab hopes to continue tapping into the infinite power of food to explore the world and highlight the dedication of those working to improve our culinary experiences. He is set to introduce his latest work, Funke, further showcasing his talent and passion for storytelling in the culinary arts.

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