What Religion Does Gordon Cormier’s Parents Follow? Interesting Facts

By BhuraPublished on: March 14, 2024 Updated on: March 14, 2024
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Gordon Cormier’s parents Gordon Porter & Genalyn Cormier come from different parts of the world. While his dad is Canadian, his mother is Filipino. But despite coming from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, both his parents are Roman Catholics.

Gordon Porter & Genalyn Cormier Ethnicity & Background

Gordon Cormier’s parents, Gordon and Genalyn come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, which greatly influence his cultural identity. His mother hails from Laguna, Philippines, representing his Filipino heritage. This connection to the Philippines holds significant importance for him, shaping his cultural identity.

Gordon Cormier With His Parents
Gordon As A Kid With His Dad And Mom

On the other hand, his father is of Canadian and European descent, reflecting a blend of Caucasian White, and European backgrounds. As a Canadian citizen residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, his family embodies the multicultural fabric of Canada. Their diverse ethnic backgrounds contribute to Gordon’s sense of self and his passion for acting.

With their steadfast support, his parents have paved the way for his promising future in the entertainment industry, embracing and celebrating their rich heritage spanning French, Filipino, and European roots.

How Has His Fame Changed His Family Life?

Gordon Cormier’s rise to fame with his role as Avatar Aang in the live-action adaptation series has significantly impacted his family life. With a reported salary of $45,000 per episode and a total of $360,000 for the series, his newfound success has brought financial stability to his family.

The substantial earnings have likely relieved any financial burdens they may have had and provided them with opportunities they might not have had before. Moreover, his fame has brought them into the spotlight, garnering attention and recognition within their community and beyond. This newfound attention may have altered their daily lives, with increased media interest and public recognition.

Gordon Cormier’s Personal Journey From Childhood To The Present

His journey from childhood to his present success in the entertainment industry is truly inspiring. Born in Vancouver, Canada, his passion for performing arts ignited at a young age.

He eagerly embraced the stage, participating in acting, singing, and dancing classes since he was six years old. And even before that, at age 4, he was already training for taekwondo. At just nine, Gordon auditioned for his first TV commercial, marking the beginning of his professional acting career. Despite his young age, he displayed remarkable talent and determination, landing several commercials and gradually moving on to audition for TV roles.

Gordon In His Taekwondo Outfit
Gordon As A Four Years Old Kid

Attending the Vancouver Young Acting School further honed his skills, preparing him for the opportunities ahead. His dedication paid off as he secured smaller TV roles in local productions like “Lost in Space,” “Gabby Durran,” and “Get Shorty.” His breakthrough came with a recurring role in the Stephen King limited mini-series “The Stand,” where he had the privilege of working alongside acclaimed actors.

Gordon’s journey reached new heights when he landed the lead role of Aang in the highly anticipated Netflix live-action series, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” His versatility extended beyond on-screen acting, as he also delved into voice acting for TV animations.

Despite his burgeoning success, he remains grounded, finding joy in skateboarding around Vancouver when he’s not on set. His passion and commitment to his craft continue to drive him forward, promising a bright future in the TV and movie industry.

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