A Tale of Victoria Bazua’s Journey From Mexico City to Hollywood

Victoria Bazua prefers avoiding social media despite a profession in the showbiz industry.

By AlishPublished on: June 12, 2024 Updated on: June 16, 2024
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Victoria Bazúa is making a striking debut in Land of Women alongside industry giants Carmen Maura and Eva Longoria. The series, inspired by Sandra Barneda’s bestselling novel La Tierra de las Mujeres, casts Bazúa as a fiery teenager who, along with her mother (played by Eva) and grandmother (played by Carmen), is thrust into a life-altering adventure.

Victoria, whose previous experience in the fashion world lends her a graceful yet commanding screen presence, brings a fresh vibrancy to the ensemble. This pivotal role not only positions her among celebrated actors but also showcases her potential as a standout performer in the industry.

Journey From Mexico City to Hollywood

Victoria, 17, was drawn to the spotlight from an early age. Her journey into the fashion world began at the prestigious Queta Rojas modeling agency, where she quickly mastered the nuances of the runway. She debuted in the modeling industry at 14 and quickly caught the eye of major agencies in New York and Los Angeles.

Building on her early successes, Victoria shifted her focus to acting, stepping into her first major in the television series Land of Women. Fluent in English and Spanish, she brings a rich cultural perspective to her performances.

Actress Victoria Bazua poses for a picture
After a short modeling career, Victoria has made her way into Hollywood

Victoria often credits her swift rise in the arts to the unwavering support of her family. She believes their encouragement has been vital in chasing her dreams. She once said,

The support of my family has been everything. They’ve helped me chase my dreams, which is vital no matter what you pursue. Their belief in me has always been my motivation to push forward.

With each step, from the runways of Mexico City to the studios of Hollywood, she carries with her a sense of purpose and a heart full of dreams.

She Is Self-Motivated To Take Her Career Ahead

Where many look for outward inspiration, the Mexican actress finds it within herself. Amidst a whirlwind of early success and personal challenges, she has developed a profound self-awareness that fuels her journey. “I inspire myself,” Victoria revealed with candid honesty.

Reflecting on darker days marked by depression, she remembers a pivotal moment: “I was lying in my bed in a horrible depression, doing nothing. That motivated me to do what I liked; I said, ‘I’m Victoria, I can’t stay here doing nothing,’ and I started to pursue my dreams.” Her dreams are to immerse herself fully in the worlds of modeling and acting,

Actress Victoria Bazua poses for the camera.
Victoria Bazua poses for the camera.

Her drive is about fully embracing her ambitions, and finding joy in the journey itself. Her commitment shines as she navigates the highs and lows of the modeling world. Moreover, Victoria’s openness about her vulnerabilities not only propels her forward but also helps her manage her emotions.

Fully focused on her acting career, Victoria remains less active in the dating scene, prioritizing her professional growth over personal distractions.

Victoria Bazua is Close With Her On-Screen Mother

The young model’s relationship with her on-screen mother, Eva Longoria, extends beyond the cameras of Land of Women, blossoming into a genuine friendship that captivates their fans. This off-screen bond is highlighted by their playful and public exchanges on social media, where they share moments that show them enjoying each other’s company.

A particularly delightful glimpse into their relationship came when Victoria posted a TikTok video with Eva. In the video, they are seen dancing and lip-syncing to a parody version of Angel Eyes, accompanied by the caption, “We slayed @Eva Longoria 😝.”

@victoriabazua We slayed @Eva Longoria ♬ original sound – Victoria

Further affirming their close relationship, she expressed her support for Eva during a significant milestone—Eva’s directorial debut with the movie Flamin’ Hot. Victoria took to social media to share a celebratory post where she affectionately called Eva “ma” in the caption. She wrote, “So happy for u ma @evalongoria ❤️. (sic)

More About Victoria

Height: 5′ 6” (170 cm)

Body Measurement: 79-64-84 (cms)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

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