Ty Burrell’s Daughter, Frances Burrell, Brought Him And His Wife Closer

By AlishPublished on: June 23, 2024 Updated on: June 23, 2024
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Meet Frances Burrell, the daughter of Emmy-winning actor Ty Burrell. You might know Ty as Phil Dunphy, the goofy dad from Modern Family – a role that earned him two Primetime Emmy Awards. But here’s the scoop: Ty’s not just playing a dad on TV. He’s got his own real-life family story that’s just as heartwarming.

Back in 2010, Ty and his wife Holly made a decision that would flip their world upside down: they adopted Frances. But this wasn’t some carefully planned move. In fact, Ty’s account of how it happened is pretty wild:

In a weird way, it wasn’t planned. We were on an airplane on a flight from LA to New York and when we got on the flight we had intended to never have kids. When we got off in New York, we were crying that we were going to have a kid, so it was unplanned.

Two years later, in 2012, they adopted another daughter, Greta Burrell. Ty calls both adoptions “similarly irrational” – in the best way possible, of course.

Ty Burrell carrying his daughter, Greta Burrell, while Frances Burrell hopping on his back
Ty carrying Greta, while Frances hopping on his back.

It’s worth noting that Frances, 14, is African American, adding a beautiful layer of diversity to the Burrell family. Ty cherishes every moment with his daughters, planned or not.

The Burrells keep their family life under wraps. You won’t see Frances or Greta on Instagram or walking red carpets. They’re just regular kids, growing up away from Hollywood’s glare.

Apart from a few paparazzi shots, there’s not much out there about the girls. It’s been 14 years since Frances joined the family, and the Burrells have stuck to their guns about privacy.

But becoming parents? It’s changed everything for Ty and Holly. When asked how Frances has brought them closer, Ty shared with Redbookmag,

There’s lots of problem solving in any marriage, but when you have this collective goal that is a human being, it’s an inspiring rally point.

So who’s Frances? She’s the girl who turned a sitcom dad into a real-life father, helping to write a family story that’s even better than the ones Ty acts out on screen.

Frances And Her Sister Are Lucky To Have An Amazing Father

Ty isn’t just playing at being a great dad on TV – he’s nailing it in real life too. For Frances and Greta, having Ty as a father means growing up with someone who’s all in, flaws and all.

Despite his busy schedule, Ty makes sure family time isn’t just a pipe dream. The Burrells have dinner together every night, a ritual that keeps them connected. Sure, mornings might be a miss, but those evening meals? They’re non-negotiable.

Ty’s not afraid to admit where he struggles as a dad. When asked about his weaknesses, he laid it out:

My biggest weakness as a father is allowing my daughters to have tantrums. When I grew up, tantrums weren’t allowed… Sometimes I can be like, ‘We don’t shout. No shouting.’ There’s probably a happy medium but I’ve never found it. (sic)

But it’s not all about managing meltdowns. Ty’s found a special way to bond with his girls – fly-fishing. He told Fatherly, “We’ve been a few times since there’s great fishing in Utah. I expected I would be selling my daughters on it but, my God, they flip out over it.

Frances Burrell with her father, Ty Burrell, and sister, Greta Burrell
Frances with her dad and sister.

Seems like the Burrell girls have a bit of a wild streak: “To be honest, we usually catch and release but the girls are excited about eating the fish too. They’re just like ‘I want to kill it.’ ‘No, I want to kill it.‘”

When it comes to bigger life questions, Ty’s taking a laid-back approach. Religion? He’s not pushing it. They might hit up a Unitarian church now and then, but he wants Frances and Greta to figure out their own path.

At the end of the day, his main goal is simple: be there, be compassionate, and make sure his daughters know they’re loved. It’s not always perfect, but it’s real – and that’s what makes Ty not just a TV dad, but a pretty great real-life one too.

Ty Missed Frances Even When She Was Asleep

Fatherhood hit Ty like a ton of bricks, in the best way possible. He’s been pretty open about how much he loves being a dad, and his words paint a picture of a guy who’s head over heels for his kids.

When Frances came into his life, Ty was in for a surprise. He thought he’d be smacked with a full dose of love right off the bat. Turns out, it was more of a slow burn – and man, did that fire keep growing.

Frances Burrell's father, Ty Burrell, missed her even when she was asleep
Ty carrying Greta.

In a heart-to-heart with Elle in 2011, Ty spilled the beans about how his love for Frances just kept getting deeper:

Every week I feel her getting even further under my skin. Now I’m at that point where I miss her when she’s asleep.

That’s some next-level dad stuff right there. Missing your kid when they’re just in the next room, snoozing away? That’s love, folks.

Back in 2014, Ty was all about those early morning wake-up calls. His favorite part of the day? When Frances or Greta would climb into bed and literally pry his eyes open. Even if he wasn’t ready to face the day, those moments were golden.

Sure, the kids are older now. Those wake-up calls might be a thing of the past. But something tells me Ty’s still just as smitten with his girls, even if they’re not physically opening his eyes anymore. They’re probably opening his eyes in whole new ways these days.

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