Tony Hinchcliffe’s Ex-Wife Has Moved On And Is Pregnant

Looks like Tony Hinchcliffe has not married since his divorce with now ex-wife Charlotte Jane. Unlike him, she is now already engaged to a new man and also pregnant with his child. Find out the details here.

By BhuraPublished on: April 19, 2024 Updated on: April 22, 2024
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Tony Hinchcliffe, a standout figure in the world of American comedy, is as well-known for his biting insult humor as he is for his intriguing personal life. Beyond his professional achievements—including being a key writer for the Comedy Central Roast series and hosting the popular podcast “Kill Tony”—Tony’s romantic endeavors have captivated his audience. His relationship with Charlotte Jane, an Australian, unfolded publicly and intriguingly.

The narrative began in 2015 when Tony, during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast with Dana White, casually mentioned he was married. A revelation that was met with skepticism by his fans, some of whom dismissed it as a mere stunt. However, the plot thickened in November 2017 when he took to Instagram to announce his marriage. This time, he presented evidence: a photograph of the couple displaying their wedding rings, which began to sway public opinion about the authenticity of his earlier claims.

Charlotte Jane Showing Engagement Ring With Tony
Tony And Charlotte Share Post As They Get Engaged Back in 2017

Initially, many fans speculated that this engagement announcement was another layer of Tony’s complex humor. But the doubts began to dissipate when Charlotte herself posted a picture of her engagement ring on her own Instagram account, lending credibility to their commitment.

The couple eventually married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas, a fact that Tony has mentioned multiple times in public. He openly discussed his marriage during a roast battle in 2018 against fellow comedian Mike Lawrence, further confirming his marital status. Moreover, a post from January 7, 2018, by a comedian known as @AFRODYTELOVE on Twitter, featured her alongside Tony and Charlotte, explicitly referring to Charlotte as Tony’s spouse.

But are the couple still together? Let’s find out.

Tony & Charlotte Are No More Together: Pregnant With New Man

Once a happily married couple, Tony and Charlotte have parted ways. However, she has moved on and is now engaged to Chase Stopnik, a motorcycle enthusiast and businessman. The new chapter in her life began unfolding publicly when, on February 25, 2024, she shared an intimate moment on social media.

Charlotte posted a photo holding Chase’s hand, revealing a sparkling engagement ring, and shared that her new partner Chase proposed during a family weekend getaway in Utah. The caption filled with emotive emojis read,

“Last night Chase proposed in front of family on our weekend away in Utah 🥹💍❤️,”

Charlotte & Her Fiance Chase
Charlotte & Her Now Found Love Chase Make a Beautiful Couple

Their relationship, which began in mid-2022, has quickly grown deeper. In fact, she is already pregnant and even shared the joyous news about expecting their first child together. On March 7, 2024, she posted a sonography report on her social media, excitingly announcing,

“2024 we bring you Baby Stopnik 👼🏻❤️.”

Charlotte Will Soon Welcome a Baby Boy
Sonography Report Showing Charlotte’s Baby boy

The couple’s happiness didn’t stop there; Charlotte also posted a photo of her baby bump on March 21, revealing she was 14 weeks pregnant.

As she embarks on this new journey with Chase, it’s clear she has found happiness and is looking forward to the new additions to her life.

Who Is Charlotte?

Tony Hinchcliffe’s former wife Charlotte is the youngest daughter of the late Bob Jane, a legendary figure in the Australian racing world, she has an impressive lineage. Her father was a celebrated race car driver who won the Armstrong 500, now known as the Bathurst 1000, four times—a record in his day.

Charlotte Is A Model

He was not only a sports icon but also a successful entrepreneur who founded Bob Jane T-Marts, a prominent tire retail chain across Australia. His entrepreneurial spirit and racing prowess made him a well-respected figure in both the business and sports communities until his passing in September 2018.


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Charlotte has chosen a path distinct from the sporting world her father was part of. She is an erotic model, known for sharing provocative and artistic photos on her Instagram profile. Jane also has three older siblings—Rodney, Courtney, and Robert Jane—each carving out their own paths in life.

His Past Affairs & Notable Relationships

Link-Up with Joanna Jedrzejczyk:

Tony has had his share of intriguing connections, but his link-up with Joanna Jedrzejczyk, a celebrated Polish UFC fighter, particularly stands out. Over the years, he has playfully remarked on Joanna’s attractiveness, which seemed to be just light-hearted banter initially. However, the dynamic between them took a curious turn when she posted a picture with Tony on her Twitter in 2016, sparking comments from fans who playfully suggested they would make a great couple and even have “beautiful funny and badass children together.”

Tony & Joanna Jedrzejczyk
Hinchcliffe & Alleged Girlfriend Joanna Jedrzejczyk

The tweet from Joanna reads: “Look who finally had the courage to talk to me 😁 It was very nice to meet you @tonyhinchcliffe,” capturing a light and cheerful moment between the two.

Stand-Up Revelations About Dating Preferences:

In his comedy, Tony has been open about his dating history. During a performance at the All Def Comedy Stage in California, he discussed his experiences dating various women. He revealed that he has been involved with both white and African-American women, but he expressed a particular fondness for African-American women, whom he described as “warmer” compared to white women. This candid sharing from his stand-up acts provides insight into his personal preferences and dating experiences.

This structured overview highlights Tony Hinchcliffe’s playful public interactions and his straightforward revelations about his dating life, making it easy for readers to grasp the key aspects of his connections and preferences.

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