Sammy Hagar & Kari Karte Still In Love After 29 Years Of Marriage

By BhuraPublished on: April 23, 2024 Updated on: April 23, 2024
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Kari Karte has carved a unique space for herself, both behind the scenes and in her relationship with legend Sammy Hagar. Known for her work as a producer, including projects like “Ram Dass, Going Home” (2017) and “Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar” (2016), she has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

Married since November 29, 1995, the couple’s relationship has stood the test of time, flourishing amid the chaos that often accompanies a life lived in the limelight. As they navigate the challenges and joys of life together, their bond appears to grow stronger, underpinned by mutual respect and a deep understanding of the demands of each other’s careers.

They share two children, further cementing their ties not just as partners but as co-pilots in the adventure of family life. In exploring Karte’s life and work, we uncover the story of a woman who has managed to keep her family grounded while spinning the wheels of creativity in show business.

Sammy & Kari Karte’s Marriage 29 Years Later

Nearly three decades ago, Sammy Hagar and Kari Karte exchanged vows, beginning a journey together that has only grown richer with time. Today, 29 years later, their marriage exemplifies a partnership built on love, laughter, and mutual respect, qualities that shine through in their everyday interactions and shared moments.

Kari Karte And Sammy Wedding Photo
The Couple Looked Adorable On The Wedding Day

Sammy, known for his electrifying performances and vibrant personality, often shares glimpses of their life together on social media. His posts are not just snapshots but love letters, each caption a proof to their strong bond. On April 19, 2024, he reminisced about a moment from their early days together, sharing an old photo with a caption that read,

“Kari and I back in 1994 at Eddie’s charity golf tournament. What an eclectic bunch of folks showed up for this one. I don’t even play golf but what a cool event #Golf #BigFun #WackyHairdo #WhatWasIThinking.”

This nostalgic look back not only shows their long-standing relationship but also the fun and quirky nature of their life together. Here is the post.

Sammy And Kari Karte Back in 1994
A photo of the couple from 1994

Their love story is filled with such sweet commemorations. On their 33rd anniversary as a couple, he posted a series of throwback photos, celebrating their adventurous spirit. He wrote,

“33 years ago, we boarded a spaceship or more like a UFO and headed for the Cosmos. Still traveling at light speed in the light where love lives. Happy anniversary and beyond Kari. My partner, my lover, my friend @karihagar #BestOfAllWorlds.”


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Further, the couple also make it a point to spend quality time together, whether it’s a simple dinner, a family outing, or a luxurious vacation. These moments, shared with the world, are filled with smiles and affection, proving that their connection is as strong as ever.

As they continue their life together, Sammy and Kari stand as a power couple enduring love and companionship in marriage. With each passing year, they not only cherish the memories they’ve made but also look forward to many more years of happiness and togetherness.

Growing Old With Their Kids

The Hagar couple’s family includes their two daughters and Sammy’s children from a previous marriage. Their first daughter, Kama, born on April 1, 1996, has embraced a career as a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, promoting health and wellness. Their younger daughter, Samantha, born on March 24, 2001, has ventured into acting, appearing in several TV series.

Kari Karte Hagar & Her Husband Sammy Along With Their Children
Kari And Sammy With Their Kids Enjoying A Family Time

The couple also shares their lives with Sammy’s older children, Aaron and Andrew, from his previous marriage with Betsy Berardi. This blended family dynamic showcases a strong bond, nurtured by Kari and Sammy’s support for their children’s diverse interests and careers. As they all grow older, the family continues to cherish and celebrate each other’s individual paths and successes.

Kari Karte Dated Dated An NFL Player In The Past

Before finding her life partner in Sammy, Karte had a relationship with Jim Kelly, a well-known NFL player. The details of when they started dating remain private, but it’s clear their relationship was significant.

However, everything changed when Kari met Sammy in 1991. Her encounter with the rock musician sparked a new love, leading her to eventually leave Jim. This turning point in her life led her to a lasting relationship with the singer.

She Has Had A Successful Career

Kari has made a notable mark in the television industry both in front of and behind the camera. She began her TV career by appearing in the reality series “I Married…” in 2005. Later in 2012, she appeared in an episode of “American Restoration.”

Her presence in the media expanded when she participated in “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” in 2016, a well-known series where she was featured alongside celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Kato Kaelin. The following year, she combined her skills in acting and producing in the documentary series “Red Til I’m Dead: Sammy Hagar’s Rock-N-Roll Birthday Bash.” This project was particularly special as it included appearances by her husband and other famous musicians like Michael Anthony and Jerry Cantrell.

Her most extended TV involvement was with the musical series “Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar,” where she appeared in three episodes from 2016 to 2020 and also served as a producer.

In addition to her roles on screen, Kari has also succeeded as an executive producer. She was the executive producer for the poignant short documentary series “Ram Dass, Going Home.”

Short Bio: Her Father Was In The Navy

Kari Karte was born on January 7, 1967, in the United States. She is the daughter of the late Harold Raymond Karte, known affectionately as Chic Peters, who served as a Corpsman in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and later worked as a recruiter. Her childhood was spent primarily in Austin, Texas, where she lived with her father. She also spent some time in Florida.


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Kari has a brother named Gregory Kunkle, with whom she shares a close relationship. Growing up in a military family and moving between states, she developed a strong sense of resilience and adaptability, qualities that have likely played a role in her varied career in television and her life alongside a rock music legend.

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