Roux Lopez Is All Grown Up: Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Daughter

By BhuraPublished on: April 18, 2024 Updated on: April 18, 2024
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Born into the world of high-flying maneuvers and exhilarating ring battles, Roux Lopez is no ordinary child. As the daughter of WWE superstars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, Roux inherits a legacy steeped in athleticism and entertainment. Becky, also known as Rebecca Quin, has carved a formidable path in professional wrestling, securing a spot as the sixth top female athlete worldwide in 2019. Seth, her equally acclaimed partner, continues to thrill fans on WWE’s Raw.

Together, Lynch and Rollins not only dominate the wrestling world but also share a compelling personal story marked by partnership both in and out of the arena. This article delves into the life of Roux, exploring the unique world she is growing up in.

Birth Details

Roux Lopez was born on December 4, 2020. Celebrating her birthday each year under the Sagittarius sign, her arrival was warmly welcomed in the United States. Her birth was a significant and joyful event for her parents, who took to Instagram to share their happiness with the world.

Becky Lynch Announces The Birth Of Little Roux From The Hospital Bed
Becky Lynch Announces The Birth Of Little Roux From The Hospital Bed

Three days after her arrival, Becky posted a heartfelt image capturing a tender moment where she and Seth held Roux’s tiny hand. Accompanying the image, she expressed her overwhelming joy, stating, “Welcome to the world Roux, You are the love of our lives.” Seth Rollins echoed this sentiment with a caption that simply read “And New.”

Now at the age of four, Roux is growing up surrounded by the love of her famous parents and her uncle, Gonzo De Mondo, who is also a professional wrestler.

The Meaning Behind The Name Roux Lopez

The name “Roux,” carries a fascinating blend of meanings and cultural references. Originating from Latin and adopted into French, “Roux” primarily means ‘russet,’ a term often used to describe a type of potato. Additionally, in French, the word encompasses a variety of interpretations—it is the color dark-brown tinged with reddish-orange, and in culinary terms, it describes a thickening agent made from fat mixed with flour used in sauces and soups.

While it’s not explicitly known why Roux’s parents chose this particular name, it beautifully complements her auburn hair, echoing the reddish hues associated with the word. The pronunciation of her name, “Roo” or “Rue,” adds to its unique charm, making it not only a reflection of her heritage but also a standout name in a crowd.

Her Arrival Was Announced On Raw Women’s Championship

Seven months before Roux Lopez graced the world with her presence, her mother, Becky Lynch, excitedly announced the upcoming arrival during an episode of WWE’s RAW. This moment was a significant turning point for Lynch, who had often spoken about her deep desire to have children.

Roux Lopez With Her Parents Sitting On The Couch
Roux With Her Parents

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Lynch shared her personal reflections on balancing her career ambitions with her hopes for motherhood. She expressed,

“I’ve always, always wanted kids. I’m just so career-focused that it became one of those things that, when you’re chasing a dream for so long, I always wondered, ‘Am I going to get around to it? Is it going to happen for me?'”

Fortunately for Lynch, her dream of motherhood came true with Roux’s birth, bringing immense joy and fulfillment into her life.

Roux Inspired Her Father To Play it Safe Inside the Ring

Even at the tender age of two, Lopez has made a profound impact on her father. Rollins openly credits his daughter for influencing both his professional and personal outlook. He expressed how she has been a source of inspiration, saying,

“It’s one of those things – for me, it’s extra inspiring. You wanna work harder to make the kid proud and earn as much of a living as you can to provide for that person.”


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Furthermore, Roux’s presence has altered Rollins’ approach to his profession, especially in the way he performs in the wrestling ring. Reflecting on the changes since becoming a father, Rollins noted,

“..but at the same time, she’s obviously made me think about things in a safer way.”

This comment indicates that Roux’s arrival has made Rollins more cautious, prioritizing safety to ensure he remains a present and capable father for years to come.

She Is Already On Twitter

When just two years old, Roux Lopez was already stepping into the digital world with her own Twitter account. Launched in November 2022, her profile introduction proudly declares,

“I am the daughter of @BeckyLynchWWE & @wwerollins.”

Despite her high-profile lineage, Roux’s Twitter presence is just beginning, with only three followers to date.

This modest start contrasts sharply with the massive social media followings of her parents, who are in millions.

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