Lily Gladstone’s Husband Could Possibly Be Non-Native

While Lily Gladstone is not married in 2024, her future husband may not be of Blackfeet tribe.

By BhuraPublished on: April 10, 2024 Updated on: April 10, 2024
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Lily Gladstone is a talented Blackfeet actress who has captured hearts and made history with her groundbreaking achievements in the film industry. Nominated for Best Actress at the prestigious Oscars, Gladstone’s stellar performance in Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” has solidified her place among Hollywood’s elite. Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, there lies a curiosity about the personal life of this remarkable artist.

Despite her rise to fame, Gladstone remains somewhat of a mystery when it comes to her romantic endeavors. At 37 years of age, she stands proudly as a single woman, and has never been married. As the world eagerly awaits the Oscars ceremony, where Gladstone is poised to make history once again, it’s natural to wonder about her ideal choice for a husband.

Well, in this article, we delve into the enigma of Gladstone’s love life, exploring her past affairs and contemplating the qualities that might catch the eye of this accomplished actress.

Lily Gladstone Is Open To Get Married Outside Of The Blackfeet Tribe

Lily’s openness to marrying outside of her Blackfeet heritage is not merely speculation; it’s rooted in her personal experiences and family dynamics. During her high school sophomore year, she was involved with a boyfriend who hailed from a different cultural background, signaling her willingness to embrace relationships beyond tribal boundaries. This early connection serves as proof to her acceptance of diverse perspectives and cultures in matters of the heart.

Furthermore, the heritage of Gladstone’s parents provides insight into her family’s acceptance of intercultural relationships. Her mother, Howard, is of European descent, demonstrating a fusion of cultures within her own family. Moreover, her father embodies a blend of Piegan Blackfeet and Nez Perce heritage, showcasing the richness of diversity within her immediate lineage.

The intercultural dynamics within Gladstone’s family highlight a broader acceptance of marrying outside of the Blackfeet Tribe. With a foundation built on understanding, respect, and a celebration of diverse backgrounds, Gladstone’s upbringing suggests an environment where love knows no bounds.

Memories Of Her Ex-Boyfriend

Lily, while generally private about her personal life, reminisced about a past relationship with her high school sweetheart. This old flame once gifted her a charming pair of children’s star-shaped glasses from a vending machine, playfully insisting that she wear them if she ever attended the Oscars. In her words,

“He got me out of a little, just one of those little machines where you drop a couple quarters in and then you get a little prize back. He had gotten these little star glasses, like these little tiny kids’ glasses with stars on them. He said, ‘You have to keep these and you have to wear them to the Academy Awards when you go one year. I still have them. If I end up going this year, I’ll dig them out, and I’ll keep them in my purse at least.””

Gladstone, cherishing the memory and the gift, mentioned that she still possesses these glasses and humorously considered having them in her purse for the Academy Awards, should she attend. This anecdote reveals a sweet slice of her past, illustrating the lasting impact of youthful relationships and the quirky keepsakes that accompany them

She Finds Her Onscreen Husband From “Killers of the Flower Moon” Like Her Brother

Gladstone expressed deep appreciation for her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, her co-star in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” where he plays her husband, Ernest Burkhart. During an interview with Extra, she shared her feelings of kinship with DiCaprio, likening him to the big brother she never had, being an only child herself.

Leo’s been incredible. “I’m an only child, but I always imagined this is what it would feel like to have a big brother.

Predicted To Win Oscar, Lily With Her Partner
Lilly was predicted to win Oscar years ago

The film, set in the 1920s, delves into the murders of Osage Indigenous Americans in Oklahoma and has received critical acclaim, earning seven nominations at this year’s Golden Globes. Gladstone’s remarks highlight the strong bond and camaraderie developed during the making of this historical drama.


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