Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s Real Life Contradicts Her Character Taylor & Her Husband

Kirby Howell-Baptiste is apparently unmarried and has never been in a relationship publicly. Find why in the article below.

By BhuraPublished on: April 14, 2024 Updated on: April 14, 2024
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Rising star Kirby has swiftly carved out a niche for herself in Hollywood with a string of dynamic performances across a variety of beloved television series including “Killing Eve,” “The Good Place,” “Barry,” “Why Women Kill,” and “Veronica Mars.” Her versatility doesn’t stop at the small screen; Kirby has also made her mark in films, starring alongside Emma Stone and Emma Thompson in the visually striking Disney movie “Cruella,” and sharing the screen with Kristen Bell in the STX Films comedy “Queenpins.” Her role choices, ranging from intense dramas to high-stakes comedies and intriguing indies like “Silent Night” and “Happily,” showcase her broad range and magnetic screen presence.

Now, Kirby is set to appear in the anticipated series “Dead Boy Detectives,” featuring a cast that includes Lukas Gage, Briana Cuoco, Caitlin Reilly, and Yuyu Kitamura, promising to add another captivating chapter to her rapidly ascending career. Join us as we explore the trajectory of this formidable actress, whose eclectic resume speaks to a career that’s as varied as it is successful.

Unlike Her Onscreen Character Taylor, Kirby Howell-Baptiste Seems To Be Unmarried In Real Life

In the world of TV and movies, actors often step into roles that are very different from their real-life personas, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste is no exception. In her latest role, she plays Taylor, a smart, strong, and fiercely independent lawyer who’s not only a self-described feminist but also openly bisexual. She’s in a unique marriage where she’s the leading partner, and she and her husband have an open relationship that adds an interesting twist to her character’s story.

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But off-screen, Kirby’s life seems to be quite different. Unlike her character Taylor, Kirby isn’t married and hasn’t talked much about plans to tie the knot anytime soon. This contrast between her onscreen life and personal life is a great example of how actors bring to life characters that are often very different from themselves. Kirby continues to captivate audiences with her ability to dive into diverse roles, whether they mirror her actual life or not.

Her Career Details

Title Role Type Year Episodes
Dead Boy Detectives Taylor TV Series 2024 1
Sugar Ruby TV Series 2024 5
We Strangers Ray Martin TV Series 2024
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Lucas’s Agent TV Mini Series 2023 3
Culprits Officer TV Series 2023 8
Digman! Nigella (voice) TV Series 2023 1
Barry Sasha Smith TV Series 2018–2023 16
The Magician’s Elephant The Countess (voice) Film 2023
Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Mrs. Hart Film 2022
The Sandman Death TV Series 2022 1
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Dr. Mae Turner (voice) TV Series 2021–2022 16
Tig N’ Seek Various Roles (voice) TV Series 2021–2022 6
Hacks Daisy TV Series 2021–2022 2
Killing Eve Elena Felton TV Series 2018–2022 8
Catwoman: Hunted Barbara Minerva (voice) Film 2022
Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Various Roles (voice) TV Series 2021 2
Silent Night Alex Film 2021
Queenpins JoJo Film 2021
Cruella Anita Darling Film 2021
Happily Maude Film 2021
Waffles + Mochi Pickler TV Series 2021 1
Big Hero 6: The Series Cobra (voice) TV Series 2017–2021 1
Infinity Train Various Roles (voice) TV Series 2020 13
Glitch Techs Audrey (voice) TV Series 2020 1
The Good Place Simone Garnett TV Series 2018–2020 12
Why Women Kill Taylor Harding TV Series 2019 10
Veronica Mars Nicole Malloy TV Series 2019 7
Backpackdraft Luisa Short Film 2019
Girls Code TV Movie 2018
Into the Dark Kayla TV Series 2018 1
Find Me Jordan Film 2018
Bad Reception Angelyne Brandwell Podcast Series 2018
Big City Greens Judge Uppinsbottom (voice) TV Series 2018 1
Pappy Kiki TV Series 2018 1
Love Beth TV Series 2016–2018 8
Alone Together Cassidy TV Series 2018 1
It’s A Party Hannah Film 2018
Dirtbags Kind Neighbor TV Series 2017 1
Do You Want to See a Dead Body? Flight Attendant TV Series 2017 1
The Powerpuff Girls Additional Voices (voice) TV Series 2016–2017 2


She Is Also An Author

Kirby Howell isn’t just a versatile actress known for her roles in television and film; she’s also a published author. She has channeled her creativity into writing, contributing to the world of children’s literature with her book, Little Black Girl: Oh, the Things You Can Do! This empowering picture book is designed to inspire confidence in young Black girls, encouraging them to dream big and aim high.

Illustrated by Paul Davey, the book delves into the story of a young Black girl who aspires to become a robotics expert. It features lyrical, engaging text that follows her journey as she prepares a robot for her school fair. Despite the challenges she faces, her determination and the strong support from her community keep her motivated. Through this narrative, Kirby highlights the importance of community support, self-belief, and the joy of pursuing one’s passions, making it a meaningful read for young readers and their families.

Early Life & Relationship With Parents

Kirby Howell-Baptiste, born on February 7, 1987, in London, England, is a multifaceted actress and author recognized for her dynamic roles across film and television. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters), Howell-Baptiste grew up immersed in the vibrant culture of London, where her mother operated clothing stalls in the famous Camden market. This environment enriched her appreciation for the arts from a young age.

Howell-Baptiste’s passion for acting led her to train at the esteemed Anna Scher Theatre, an experience that honed her craft and propelled her into the spotlight. She has since become known for her compelling performances in popular TV series such as “Killing Eve,” “The Good Place,” and “Veronica Mars,” as well as her role in the Netflix series “The Sandman.” Beyond acting, Howell-Baptiste has ventured into writing, authoring children’s books that celebrate empowerment and diversity, adding another dimension to her artistic contributions.

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