Kingston Rumi Southwick: A Biography of ‘Presumed Innocent’ Actor

By PrithviPublished on: June 13, 2024 Updated on: June 13, 2024
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In the latest Hollywood sensation, the legal thriller Presumed Innocent, 17-year-old Kingston Rumi Southwick is making waves. Alongside stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Negga and new talent Chase Infiniti, Kingston’s performance is capturing attention.

Kingston is no stranger to the acting scene. He made his debut in the 2013 indie film 9 Full Moons, where he was praised for his portrayal of Josh Stevens. While his acting skills are notable, it’s his personal life that’s garnering even more interest.

Away from the spotlight, Kingston is an avid music and sports enthusiast, spending his free time strumming the guitar and hitting home runs on the baseball field. Although he is currently single, his previous relationship with fellow young actress Lily Brooks O’Briant once drew significant attention. The two were frequently seen together at industry events.

Kingston and Lily Brooks O’Briant Are On Good Terms After Apparent Break-Up

No one really knows why Kingston and Lily Brooks O’Briant broke up. Their relationship started strong, with both of them sharing lots of cute photos and videos on Instagram from late 2022 to early 2023.

One memorable moment was on January 15, 2023, when Lily posted a birthday message for Kingston that has since been deleted. She wrote, “Happy birthday to my favorite person, Thank you for always making me smile<3 @kingstonrumisouthwick.

Kingston Rumi Southwick dated Lily Brooks O’Briant
O’Briant and Southwick dated sometime from late 2022 to early 2023.

Kingston replied warmly, saying, “Thank you so much for making me feel so loved. You are the kindest soul on this planet and I can’t believe you’re mine.”

These posts let everyone see just how much they cared about each other. However, over time, they stopped sharing these moments and started focusing more on their own lives and careers. Even though they’re not together anymore, it seems like they parted on good terms.

Early Life, Parents, and Family Background

Southwick was born on January 15, 2008, to parents, Shahrnaz Nancy Southwick and Bradley Preston Southwick. He comes from a mixed ethnic background, with a white father and a mother of Iranian heritage.

His maternal grandfather, Ali Bozorgmehr, who was born in Neyshabour, is a renowned Persian-American artist celebrated for his unique blend of Persian calligraphy with painting.

Kingston grew up with his sister, Soraya Southwick (b. September 20, 2011) in a home filled with love and constant support. Kingston and his younger sister Soraya attended the same public high school in California until he landed a role in Presumed Innocent, which led him to switch to online classes.

Kingston Southwick with his parents and sister
Southwick enjoying Christmas with his family.

Like her father, Soraya shares a deep affection for arts and, mirroring her brother, has a passion for playing musical instruments. Shahrnaz shared a moment from Soraya’s cello performance at the holiday concert on Instagram on December 14, 2022. Her post read, “So proud of Soraya—listening to her play the cello makes my heart sing 🧿🤍🧿 The Holiday Concert 2022 was beautiful.”

Shahrnaz and Bradley often turn to social media to share and celebrate Kingston’s achievements. Their posts are full of support and praise, showing off their children’s accomplishments to everyone.

On May 17, 2024, Shahrnaz excitedly posted a clip of Presumed Innocent on her Instagram. Her caption read:

Catch Presumed Innocent for Apple+ on June 12th. So excited for this! Every episode is a masterpiece! Thrilling, intriguing, and riveting. Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival. So proud of you @kingstonrumisouthwick.

His Parents Have Been His Biggest Motivation

In a recent interview, Kingston spoke about the profound impact his parents have had on his career. “My mother is a producer, and my father, formerly an actor and acting coach, introduced me to the arts early on,” he shared.

This nurturing environment not only sparked Kingston’s passion for acting but also seamlessly connected him with the broader creative community from a very young age.

Transitioning from his earlier career in acting and coaching, Kingston’s father, Bradley, has become a renowned decorative artist and the visionary behind Brad Southwick Design. His portfolio includes intricate murals, mosaic designs, faux finishes, and custom furniture that adorn the homes of notable figures in music and film.

His artistic contributions have been celebrated in prominent magazines like Elle DECOR and House Beautiful.

Kingston parents Shahrnaz and Bradley
Kingston’s parents have been together for more than two decades

On the other hand, Kingston’s mother, Shahrnaz, is a prolific writer who has contributed to top-tier publications such as Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine and FLAUNT. She currently writes for Thrive Global and is an Associate Producer on the documentary The Flow.

Beyond her professional life, Shahrnaz is also a dedicated advocate for women’s rights, working with international organizations like Amnesty International and the UN.

Shahrnaz and Bradley, have been married since Valentine’s Day 2005, after their romance blossomed over two decades ago when they were neighbors at the picturesque Villa Carlotta.

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