Kathleen Elliott: Unknown Facts About Brooke Elliott’s Late Mother

By BhuraPublished on: April 21, 2024 Updated on: April 21, 2024
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Kathleen Elliott is the late mother of Brooke Elliott, an actress from shows including Drop Dead Diva, Sweet Magnolias, and others. Brooke was also in the 2000 romantic comedy film, What Women Want.

Brooke has often said that the loss of her mother was an unbearable experience for her. She has also mentioned the close bond she had with her mother. Well, here are some interesting facts to know about the late Kathleen.

Kathleen Was From Illinois: Extensive Family Heritage

Kathleen Elliott was born on Dec 20, 1948, in Chicago, Illinois. She was the daughter of Raymond and Margaret (Carroll) Hoffman.

Brooke Elliott With Her Mother Kathleen Elliott
The Mother Daughter Duo

She had ancestry including German, Dutch, English, and Irish. The late Mrs. Elliott’s grandfather Raymond F Hoffman was the son of Walter George Hoffman and Verna L Cronkhite. Raymond was born in Illinois.

Walter, the son of John Hoffmann, hailed from German roots, specifically Darmstadt, Hessen. His mother, Mary Stefler/Stellpflugm, also of German descent, traced her lineage to North Rhine-Westphalia and Hannover, Lower Saxony.

Meanwhile, Verna, the daughter of Frank A. Cronkhite, had heritages that included Dutch and English ancestry. Her mother, Mary Frances Farrell, had Irish roots from Waterford.

On the maternal side, Brooke’s grandmother went by the name Margaret Carroll. Kathleen’s siblings include a sister, Sue Yaeger, and brothers, Ronald Hoffman, Robert Hoffman, Raymond Hoffman, and Thomas Hoffman.

Was Married To Robert Elliott & Children

Brooke’s mother, Kathleen married Robert Elliott on July 18, 1970, in DeKalb, Illinois. During their marriage, Kathleen and Robert welcomed three children, Jamie Alexander, Brooke, and Adam.

Brooke In Black Dress In One Of Her Events
Kathleen’s Daughter Brooke At An Event

While raising their kids, Mr and Mrs Elliott moved through several states and places including Blaine, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Illinois. The couple with their children eventually settled in Riverview, Michigan.

However, the details surrounding their union persist in enigmatic secrecy. The genesis of their relationship, including the circumstances of their initial encounter, has never been brought to light.

She Was A Computer Programmer

Kathleen for most of her life was a mother. She however also worked as a computer programmer and entertainment business manager for over 30 years. It though is a mystery where she worked. Such is the case regarding her educational background and her further work experiences.

In her latter years, Elliott’s mother spent being a grandmother to her two grandchildren, Garrett and Riley Alexander.

Kathleen Died In 2014

She died on August 14, 2014. At the time of her death, she resided in Tulsa Oklahoma. It however is unclear what was the cause of her death. Brooke additionally has never publicly talked about her mothers demise.

In an interview with Medium, Brooke, nevertheless said that she was “very very very close to her mother.” The actress revealed their lives were intertwined. She added that she was very lucky to have the mother she had and her loss was unbearable to her.

Brooke’s relationship with her own mother was also one of the reasons why the actress signed up for Nesting Doll. It was also Kathleen who supported Brooke the most when she was a struggling actress.

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