Jon Taffer’s Daughter Samantha Taffer Is Married With Children: Find Out

By BhuraPublished on: May 5, 2024 Updated on: May 5, 2024
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Samantha Taffer, born on June 1, 1989, is not just known as the only daughter of Jon Taffer, a prominent TV producer and entrepreneur, but she has also made her own mark. Raised in her hometown by her father and his first wife, Samantha shares a strong bond with her parents. With her roots deeply embedded in Jewish ancestry and holding American nationality, her early life was shaped by her local upbringing and education.

She completed her primary schooling in her hometown before venturing off to the University of Southern Indiana, where she studied from 2007 to 2009.

Samantha's Parents Poses With Their Dog
Samantha’s Parents Look Adorable Together

In this article, we’ll explore Taffer’s journey from her early days to her achievements and the distinct identity she’s crafted beyond her father’s fame.

From a Bartender To a Reality Star

Samantha Taffer started her career in the bustling world of bartending as a General Manager at Chilly Willy’s Pub, where she honed her skills for four years from October 2010 to December 2014. Her journey in the hospitality industry didn’t stop there. In October 2013, while still managing the pub, Samantha took on a new role at the Republic National Distributing Company. She started as a General Market Sales Representative and climbed her way up to become a Key Account Manager by September 2017.

But Samantha’s professional path took an exciting turn when she stepped into the spotlight of reality TV. She appeared on “Bar Rescue,” a show hosted by her father, Jon Taffer, on Spike TV. The series, which also features industry experts like P.J. King and Mia Mastroianni, gave Samantha a platform to showcase her expertise in bar management and her charisma on screen.

However, she seems to have taken a break from TV and media at present and is mostly focused on her family.

Samantha & Her Now Hubby Tested Their Compatibility Before Getting Married

Taffer has a beautiful love story with her husband, Cody Hanley. The couple made their marriage official when they exchanged vows on September 13, 2015, and Samantha has since been known as Samantha Taffer Hanley. But their journey to the altar was built on a foundation of deep friendship and years of togetherness.

Samantha Taffer With Her Husband Cody And Their Dog
Taffer & Cody With Their Dog

Before deciding to get married, the duo really put their relationship to the test. They didn’t rush into marriage; instead, they dated for several years and even lived together, which allowed them to truly understand each other. During this time, they also adopted a French Mastiff, making their little family even more special.

Now, over eight years into their marriage, Samantha and Cody’s bond is as strong as ever, filled with the same love and passion that brought them together. Despite her public figure status, she prefers to keep her personal life private, steering clear of the media spotlight and cherishing her moments with Cody away from the public eye.

“May 21” Marks a Beautiful Day for the Duo with the Arrival of a Child

May 21, 2019, is a day Samantha and Cody will always cherish—it’s the day they welcomed their son, Rhett Hanley. His arrival brought immense joy not only to the new parents but also to the extended family. Proud grandfather Jon Taffer couldn’t contain his excitement and shared the happy news across his social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. In his post, he shared his heartfelt congratulations stating,

Introducing Rhett Hanley! Born Tuesday May 21st! Congratulations to my daughter Samantha and her husband Cody!

John's Daughter Samantha Welcome a Child
John Taffer Congratulate His Daughter Samantha Taffer As She Welcomes Child

As of 2024, Rhett is over 5 years old and growing up under the loving care of his parents. Samantha, embracing her role as a mother, shares a wonderful relationship with her son

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