Isabella Elordi Is Exploring Her New Passion Lately: Facts You Didn’t Know

By BhuraPublished on: April 17, 2024 Updated on: April 17, 2024
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Isabella Elordi is not just the sister of Jacob Elordi, the famous actor from HBO’s Euphoria. She is also a talented photographer and ballet dancer, carving her own path in the arts. As the daughter of John and Melissa Elordi, artistry runs in her family, and she has embraced it fully.

Now back in her home country of Australia after some time in the US, Isabella captures stunning photographs for various agencies, blending her dance discipline into her visual storytelling. Well, this article explores how Isabella stands out in her own right, celebrating her unique artistic journey apart from her brother’s fame.

Isabella Elordi Has Explored A News Passion As A Photographer

In 2018, Isabella took a big step into the world of professional photography, focusing mainly on capturing people’s expressions and emotions through portraiture. She has worked with several high-profile magazines. She actively shares her work and the publications she contributes to on her social media platforms, connecting with a wide audience.

Isabella Elordi At Her Workplace With Her Camera
Isabella Is A Photographer

One of her standout moments came in May 2023 when she photographed her brother, Jacob Elordi, for The New York Times style magazine’s Australian edition.


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Isabella also maintains an active presence on Greatfon, a popular platform where she has amassed over 58k followers. Here, she regularly posts her latest works, receiving praise and recognition from photography enthusiasts and fans worldwide.

She Was Also A Professional Ballet Dancer In The Past

Before finding her passion for photography, Isabella Elordi was deeply involved in the world of ballet. Her journey as a dancer began at the prestigious Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, where she not only honed her skills but also earned an Excellence Award for her outstanding performances.

She further showcased her talents as a group dancer with the ensemble of Bayerisches Staatsballett, where she performed in the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Her experience with this renowned ballet company allowed her to participate in major productions and work alongside some of the best dancers in the industry.

Isabella Elordi As A Ballet Dancer
Isabella With Her Co-Dancer, When She Was A Ballet Dancer

In addition to her professional engagements, Isabella also contributed to the ballet community through education. Back in 2014, while she was a Pre-Professional dancer, she participated in a workshop where she and her teammates taught children how to perform as snowflakes, fairies, and mice. Although she isn’t currently active in ballet, her past experiences in dance continue to influence her artistic perspective and creativity in photography.

The Photographer Seems To Be Single

Currently, it seems that Isabella is not sharing details about her personal life, particularly when it comes to dating. There’s no evidence on her social media profiles to suggest she’s in a relationship, as she keeps her posts focused on her professional work and personal interests. This has led many to believe that she is single at the moment.

She appears to be channeling all her energy into her burgeoning photography career. By not discussing her love life publicly, she maintains a private space that allows her to concentrate fully on developing her skills as a photographer. For now, Isabella is staying quiet about her romantic relationships, preferring to let her artistic work speak for itself.

Parents & Siblings

Isabella Elordi was born in Brisbane, Australia, to John and Melissa Elordi. Her father, John, originally from the Basque Country, works as a house painter, while her mother previously volunteered at school. Growing up in Brisbane, she developed a keen interest in ballet, leading her to study at the prestigious Australian Ballet School in Melbourne.

Isabella With Her Parents & Siblings
The Family Photo

In her personal background, Isabella is of Basque descent through her father and has English-Australian roots from her mother’s side. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Similarly, Isabella is one of four siblings, including her sister Jalynn Elordi, who pursued a career in modeling, and her younger brother, Jacob, who is a well-known actor.

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